Really? I think you’d be surprised…

I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard; it’s different in our market, it might work for them but not for us, it’s not like that in our country, our culture is different… and so it goes on.

Here’s a different approach for you to consider – how about… “Ok, if that works for them, how could I make this work in my business.”

Steve Clarke sales & negotiation training in Saudi Arabia

In the last few weeks I’ve had the pleasure in working with businesses from Spain to Saudi Arabia and all over the UK.

Do you know what – it’s a small world indeed and in business we all face the same challenges; how to generate more leads, win more sales and make more profit.

Yes of course there are regional nuances, economic pressures and cultural differences, but let me tell you – we all face similar challenges. Success today comes principally from your attitude and activity.

Have you got a product or service people really want? Have the people you want to sell to got the funds available or facilities to make the purchase? My first hand experience tells me that they will find the means to purchase – if – you target your market effectively with the right message and can create enough ‘want’.

My Platinum Mastermind Groups meet monthly for a workshop with a special guest speaker and mentoring with me and their peer group. They also receive coaching during the month from one of my coaching team. With help and support, they are taking action and applying what they learn irrespective of the state of the economy, the results speak for themselves.

The group consists of a diverse range of businesses open and willing to share best practices and grow their companies through increased sales.

Recession – what recession?

Try telling Gavin Ravello the optometrist who has just recorded his best three consecutive months sales in their 23 year history. Tell Howard who runs after school clubs teaching engineering and robotics using lego… (yep, you read that correctly), he’s seen a ten fold increase in his sales over recent months.

So whilst some people on a local level struggle – others succeed. It’s the same all over the world.

Steve Clarke sales & negotiation training in Saudi Arabia.

I recently delivered sales and negotiation training to one of Saudi Arabia’s oldest and most successful companies. I must be honest – I was unsure how well I’d be received as I had to deliver my training in English (not their first language and my Arabic is not too good…) and how my messages, my style and my strategies would translate into that market – it was unknown territory for me.

Obviously I researched a great deal, took advice from others and prepared to the best of my ability.

What I discovered during my trip amazed me.

I adapted what I would teach in the UK to take account of certain cultural differences, slowed down my delivery a little and hey presto…

What a delightful group to work with. Open, eager and very willing to learn. They had a thirst for knowledge and the enthusiasm to apply the information I shared. We enjoyed the same sense of humor and a sense of purpose.

The training ended with the owner of the company and I presenting the group with their certificates and the company presenting me with my head dress – a great honor.

Attitude and action – that’s the key. I’ve been receiving regular emails from Saudi Arabia since my return – updating me on their regular successes and the impact of my training. I will be visiting them again in the near future.

Knowledge is not the key – it’s the application of knowledge that makes the difference.

Remember these words, repeat them to yourself every day – Attitude and action. If you want to see a dramatic increase in your sales – just let me know.