Running a business can be extremely rewarding… it can also be exhausting.

In fact, that’s true of whatever role you may have in a business – agreed?

Do you often find yourself with not enough hours in the day for all the work you have to get done? You’re not alone! Are you constantly juggling tasks… never knowing which one you may drop any minute… rushing from pillar to post trying to do everything yourself?

Great Wall of China map
I found this map when I visited the Great Wall of China during a break in my recent speaking tour there, (you know what they say about all work and no play…) I’m not taking the rise out of their translation – it just struck a chord with me – actually it hit my funny bone pretty hard to be honest.

Doesn’t it just sum up how we feel in business too often?

You’re here, you’re here, you’re here… all at the same time – you have to be everywhere, doing everything – it will wear you out.

Are you familiar with the term DOA…? Dead On Arrival…

I’d advice you to think of DOA differently – before it takes its toll on you.

In my world this stands for;

  • Delegate
  • Outsource
  • Automate

Take stock of all the jobs and tasks you do in a day and over week.

Which ones do you really enjoy? Which ones can you and only you do… seriously?

Then look who you could effectively delegate the task to. I don’t mean dump it on and I don’t mean abdicate – specify the task – and delegate. Then test and measure the results.

If you don’t have people within the business – look to outsource it. This is great, no fixed cost!

With a little technical help could you automate the task?

I will talk more about each of these elements over the next few #SalesMadeSimple bulletins… (if you can’t wait, there’s a series of quick fire #SalesMadeSimple videos you can watch on my Youtube channel – no charge.)