Another thought and a quick reminder from the bush…

What hours do you keep?

When we head out on safari, we have to do it at a time to suit the animals, not to suit our agenda.

So – what hours do you keep? Are you set up to suit yourself or your clients? Now I’m not suggesting you have to be on call twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Not at all.

However, I am suggesting that you make yourself available to your clients when they want to engage with you… and don’t miss another call.

Don’t waste another penny on marketing, getting your phone to ring and not knowing who called, that’s crazy!

Here’s what I’m talking about – do you use an answer machine or voice mail to answer calls out of normal hours or when your lines are busy? OK, that’s the really crazy bit.

Just ask around. People do not like leaving messages on voice mail. They’re more likely to hang up and ring a competitor if you can’t be bothered to have a real person take their call.

Ditch the answer machine for an answering service. Have someone, a real person available to answer your calls whenever your clients or prospects want to call you. If you call my office any time of day or night your call will be answered by a real live person. I never miss a call.

Here’s the bonus – there’s no fixed cost, no fixed overhead – no salaries. I only pay when calls get answered, and I never miss a call. It doesn’t matter what hours you keep.

We live in an “always on” business world. You need to be responsive and available to suit the market, not just to suit your own agenda.

Here’s a link to the company I use and recommend.  Never miss a call again.