What can we learn from men with little white balls… and dimples…

The news for the first half of last week was dominated by a pair of dark-haired, youngish-looking brothers. And the weekend… much the same. But this time, not the Milibands – that bit of particular sibling rivalry is now confined history, at least for the time being.

Step up to the tee the Molinari brothers, part of the European Ryder Cup team at Celtic Manor. “And you know what…” (as Mr Miliband would say) , one of them is even called Ed!

As a keen, but exceptionally mediocre golfer I took off to Wales on Thursday to watch the spectacle unfold. Friday morning I was up at 6.00am. I drove to get a bus, to the bus that would take us to a bus… to get to the course… with me so far?

What did I see? Crowds, crowds and more crowds.

No sooner had I paid