Steve Clarke, #SalesMadeSimple, Uber6.00am –  It’s raining outside. I’m leaving a friends house in central London and heading for Paddington Station for my train to Cardiff to see one of my clients.

I could walk the streets and get soaked in the rain and hope to hail a black cab… the traditional black cab, the solution we’ve had in London for years and years without a change… or is there an alternative? Of course there is.

Times change – things move on. In all areas of our lives we see innovation.

So – I open the Uber app on my phone. It instantly knows where I am.

I tap the screen and and in real time I can see where the nearest cab is. I can see who my potential driver is, the registration of the car and type of vehicle.

One more tap – he’s on his way and I can watch on my screen as he rounds the corner and pulls up at the front door.

Yes – they may not have “the knowledge” after ages spent on the streets on their moped studying maps and routes (no wonder most black cabbies bitch and moan by nature)… but Uber taxis do all have sat nav’s. Times have changed.
When we pull up at Paddington – no cash changes hands – it’s all taken care of via the app and the receipt hits my email Inbox – done.

It all works for the consumer, for the customer – it makes things simple and efficient.

Meanwhile at Paddington, the black cabs all wait in line getting ready for their next customer to be handed to them… it will be a while, but at least then they’ll have more to complain about by the time they get their next passenger.

How are you innovating in your industry? Are you just doing the same old things, the same old ways, just hoping for better results?

Are you leaving it to chance or making it happen? Are you innovating?  Businesses that treat change like the enemy will hit the wall and will fail… it’s just a matter of time.  Share in the comments section below – how you are innovating your business.


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