Here are two things you can do to send your sales soaring.

1. Remove the risk for your customer.

Every transaction involves risk. And since you’re the one asking people to trust you and part with their money, you should be bold and confident enough to take this risk on board. How do you remove the risk? You do this by offering a big bold guarantee.

Offer a guarantee of satisfaction or performance… or your money back.

I’m not talking statutory rights here. I’m talking about a generous guarantee over and above people’s expectations. This is one of the best ways I know to overcome any price resistance. Remove the risk.

All of my Marketing Master Classes come with an absolute cast iron, 100% no quibble guarantee. If you don’t think you’ll earn at least ten times the cost of the course then there’s simply no charge… how many refunds do you think I’ve been asked for? Correct – not one.

Now, your accountant or financial controller might be thinking that by giving such a great guarantee you’re opening yourself up for a big kick where it hurts. Well, technically you are, but in practice it never happens, providing you have a good product or service that delivers. Most people are fundamentally honest and won’t cheat you or take advantage of you.

And if a few do, so what? If you get a hundred extra orders a month because of your guarantee and get kicked a couple of times, the extra profit you make from having the confidence to offer the guarantee and shoulder the risk yourself more than makes up for these small losses. Have confidence in your products or services and test big bold guarantees. It’s one of the simplest and best ways to grow your business – with the minimum of fuss and it’s fast.

2. Ask for customer testimonials

Good testimonials are amongst your most powerful marketing tools you’ll have, yet many businesses don’t get close to achieving the maximum impact with them… if they even bother to collect them at all.

It’s reported that 78% of us would react favorably to a third party testimonial or recommendation over being influenced by a paid advertisement. With those odds you can see why it makes absolute sense to collect as many as possible.

First of all, be sure you have permission to use any testimonials that you do get. Wherever you use them, include a full name, city and possibly company name and position – if that’s relevant for business use.

Ask for a head and shoulders photograph too, 90% will oblige if you just ask.

Seek out testimonials that relate specifically to an element of your service and the benefit they have derived from using whatever it is you offer. Avoid bland quotes of, “we like john he’s good”.

Incorporate video testimonials on your website, these are incredibly powerful and don’t need to be costly high production episodes. Just quick easy sound bite.

My website features lots of testimonials, feel free to go and take a look. I think you’ll agree, it’s good to hear what other people have to say and it definitely reassures a buyer that they’re about to do the right thing in buying from you.

Take a look at and see how I use guarantees and testimonials.