The world has changed – and we’re not going back.

We can’t keep doing the same old things, the same old way and just hope for better results.  Buyers have changed the way they buy – and so it follows, we must change the way we sell.

How are you changing things for 2017?  (I have a big treat for you in March… more on that in just a minute.)

In business today we are dealing with a more informed buyer than at any time in history.

No longer does the sales person have the upper hand, holding all the information allowing him or her to release just enough to continually use ‘trial closes’ and then, when the buyer is backed up against the wall with nowhere to go, move in for the kill and close the deal.

Failing to recognise these massive changes has been the undoing of many businesses, and will be the nail in the coffin for others trying to resit this tide of change.

Ethical selling is the answer. Eureka!

Instead of asking; how can I close the deal, how can I make another sale, how can I boost my profits… try asking; How can I build trust, how can I add value?  View things from your clients, or would-be clients perspective instead.

I was speaking at a conference for one of the UK’s major high street banks recently.  Early into my presentation I referred to the fact that I had been working in Gran Canaria with members of the timeshare industry about ethical selling and building trust.

They laughed… finding it highly amusing that I’d use the words trust and timeshare in the same breath.

I couldn’t contain myself.

“That’s a bit rich”, I announced to a slightly stunned banking audience.

“Let me just check – was it timeshare that caused the global financial crisis – or was it banking?”

We all agreed that was a fair question and one to which we all knew the answer to.

There’s a global trust crisis, and trust is the key to successful selling in this hyper connected world we live in.

Like I said, to swim against the tide is futile, to bury your head in the sand like an ostrich and hope the trouble goes away is equally useless.  I encourage you to embrace change and reap the rewards.

Just as an otherwise upstanding industry, such as banking, now has to work on rebuilding trust from a period involving an element of miss selling – so too do other industries – timeshare included.

Has all banking been bad and miss sold?  No.  Has all timeshare?  No, not at all.

Every day I offer clients many simple, small changes that are possible to implement in practically every businesses across a variety of industries.  One low cost, high impact change is to fully embrace the online world.  More specifically – the world of social media.

When the online and offline worlds collide… by design… magic happens.

In a few weeks time – I’m teaming up with a fabulous speaker and a true expert in the field of social media – Warren Knight, and we’re putting on a very special one off live event you’ll not want to miss.

You may have seen him recently when he appeared on Sky News, discussing the subject of YouTube heroes and the power of social media for reputation management and social selling.

Where are your heroes?  How are you engaging with your audience and combining your on-line and offline marketing activity?  Are you doing this to full effect?  Or
are you leaving money on the table?

Anyone still selling sub standard product or miss-selling it – will be found out, so stop it.  Whatever industry – we’re better off without the rogue traders.

If you have a great product – shout about it, better yet – let others shout about it for you!

If you have a great product or service – don’t be afraid of technology – it can put your good news on legal steroids – Maybe it’s time to stop hiding in the shadows. It’s time to embrace change.

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