So let me ask you this; if you were the customer – would you buy your products or services?

If the answer’s yes, then it’s incumbent on you to discover how to explain “why” to your would-be client and then allow them to buy.  That’s how you boost sales and profits today, that’s sales made simple!

OK, so I know that may sound over simplistic. But to sell more today “sell less”.

Sounds counter intuitive I know, but what I mean is don’t assume some alter ego to try and be a sales person, worrying about closing sales, just be yourself and help more people make their minds up, help move and influence people because you care.

You may be thinking, as many people do – “I’m not in sales, it’s not my job”.  That’s because you’re in the Reluctant team… more on that in a moment.

News Flash it’s 2016 – Selling is no longer somebody’s job – it’s everybody job. Everybody that touches the customer in anyway… is in sales!

Irrespective of size, number of employees, industry sector or geography, there are three very distinct sales teams in every business, yours included – it’s imperative to your success that you understand this – and learn how to put them all to work to see profits soar.

Once you get your head around this, you need a strategy for each and this is where I can help you.

I call these teams the Regular, the Reluctant and the Referral teams.

The Regular Team used to work with rehearsed scripts, they were trained to over come objections and close the deal. They carried a brief case with samples and leaflets to sell from, well those days are behind us – and thank goodness I say.

30 + years ago when sales teams pounded the streets knocking on doors to sell their wares they had the upper hand. They had all the information, the buyers had the need.

Back then there was no internet to speak of, there were no smartphones. According to Cisco, by the end of this year there will be more smartphones contracts than people in the world! Think about it –  Information is at our fingertips 24/7/365.

Buyers are now better informed than ever before. Old school techniques just don’t work.

Today successful sales people are not the, slick, sleazy, smooth talking, pocket pickers of yesteryear.

In a world where buyers can know more about the products than the seller, todays Regular team need to become trusted advisors, though pre-empting future problems not just addressing current ones that the clients has. More on this in another blog.

The Referral team is relatively self explanatory – in essence it involves a strategy for putting your happy clients and trusted contacts to work as part of your sales team too – not trusting to luck that people refer you, but working a strategy. This will again feature in a future blog.

Right now I’d like to address the biggest team of all… The Reluctant team as the chances are – you’re in it!

The Reluctant team has the greatest opportunity to be seen by your clients and prospects as non-threatening.

Remember, they too, albeit subconsciously, have in mind the avatar of the old school pushy sales person – and that’s not you!

The team consists of everyone in your businesses who doesn’t really think they’re in sales… so this could be the Receptionist or the Delivery Driver, as such they are seen as non-threatening by the customers and have more potential to be seen as friends or trusted advisors – not sales people.

Here’s one key strategy that will help you to begin building confidence and effectiveness in this, the most powerful of sales teams;

Old school sales used to teach the ABC’s – Always Be Closing.

For the next 30 days, practice the new ABC’s of the Reluctant team – Always Be Caring.

Here’s a fundamental mind shift that will have a massive impact. You may be familiar with the term “up-sell”. This sits OK with the Regular team, not so with the Reluctant team as it smacks of being pushy… correct?

When I worked with a group of Opticians to help their Reluctant team increase sales we came up with a new phrase they felt more comfortable with. We switched “up-sell“ to “up serve” – small change massive difference in results.

They now completely believe that if they really care about their clients, it is their duty to serve them better. Moving people from standard reading glasses to also having a pair of more expensive vaifocals is the right thing to do… if it’s the right thing to do for the patient.

When they know with certainty they are up-serving not up-selling they find it easy to have the conversation. Prior to this mind shift they just saw it as making a sales pitch.

They approach each situation thinking – If I were the patient in this scenario – what would I buy, how would it help me… then they simply share the answer through conversation not a presentation…

They started each conversation (not pitch) with… “Do you know what… given your situation, If I were you, I would consider the XYZ’s as well because…”

The patient doesn’t feel sold to, they feel listened to and cared for.

Practice the new ABC’s consciously for 30 days and see the results.


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