Do you find yourself all too often spending time with time wasters and tire kickers rather than with prospects that want to buy your products or services at the right price?

Well – it’s probably your own fault! Sorry.

Good marketing is like a magnet. Magnets attract and repel. Your marketing messages should effectively attract the right people for all the right reasons and you can afford to repel the time wasters that are really not in your target market. Stop trying to drag every living, breathing person into your lair in the hope of a sale!

I’ll be honest… as someone with a lifelong background in direct sales, “marketing” for me used to represent all the fluffy nonsense, all the feel good stuff, the intangible brand awareness that large agencies would charge large companies for, but they’d never want to be held to account for any specific results.

Yet in the main, I’ve changed my view. Maybe this comes from a better understanding of just how essential and effective good marketing is and can be… when you know what you’re looking to achieve.

Let’s just quickly clear things up for you with my simple definition;

Marketing is what you do to get the phone to ring.

A sale is what you do when the phone rings.

Guess what? If the phone isn’t ringing – no sales! OK, so a lot of you may conduct business online and don’t necessarily want the phone to ring, but don’t be pedantic, I think you get my point.

Marketing for me, is all about reaching the right potential customers and through your message and various methods then converting them to eager prospects. Sales then deliver paying customers and work diligently to keep them as lifetime clients.

Unfortunately, many business owners see marketing as a necessary evil, an unpleasant task they have to carry out at some point or another.

I hope that you’ll see that this is so totally wrong – and very dangerous too. To a great extent, regardless of what you are selling, marketing is your business.

Effective marketing is a whole lot easier than you might think. If you don’t know anything about it yet, don’t panic because you’re not alone. Very few business owners really do, even many of those who’ve been in business a very long time.

Generally speaking people get into business because they have a passion for their products or services. The hairdresser didn’t start the business because they were passionate about sales and marketing – their passion is hair and beauty. But without effective marketing how will they drive business through their doors. The same is true for a solicitor, and accountant or any other business.

If you don’t get your head around marketing, you’ll always be beaten by your competitor that does, no matter how good your offering is.

Here’s the first question I’d ask you;

Do people actually “want” your product or service?

I remember always being told in my early days in sales:

Find the customers “need” and fill it. Have you heard that too?

I’d challenge that now. I’d argue you’ll have far greater success if you:

Find the customers “want” and fill that.

Think about it for a moment. Who gets pleasure from buying what you need, and who’d rather buy something they really want?

Have you got a product that people want or really need? All too often, people will start up in business to sell the services or a product that really only they would want themselves.

The business graveyard is full of people who had “great ideas” that no one else bought into. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve ever watched Dragons Den… what are some of those people thinking?

Research your product and marketplace!

If money is tight, you don’t need to spend a fortune on research, doing a little yourself is better than not doing any at all. Identify the sorts of people likely to want to buy your product or service and ask them what they think of your idea.

What problem do you solve? What pain can you remove? What pleasure will someone derive from doing business with you? Find an emotional tie to what’s on offer. People buy based on emotions.

Here’s a biggie – stop feature bashing and focus on benefits!

People purchase based on the benefits to them. What will they get from your product or service? How will they feel, what will they save and so on?

You have probably heard this before, but people don’t by features, they buy benefits. Sell the sizzle not the sausage.

All too often business owners waste time, effort, and money pushing feature after feature of their product or service and…you guessed it, the potential customers don’t care.

Take a look at your collateral materials and your website. If you’re a “feature basher”, your work consists of flyers, letterhead, ads, and a website, all of which have your logo and company name, a list of things you do or the “features” of your products and your phone number. Are you surprised that no one cares enough to respond?

They don’t want you or your products; they want to know what you and your products or service can do for them!

This is often very difficult for many people to get to grips with. Here’s a very simple method of uncovering the benefit over the feature of your product or service. Try using; “which means that…”

So you list a feature and then ask… which means that – the next thing out of your mouth will be a benefit statement and that’s what you want to weave into your marketing messages – not feature after feature. Enquiries will flow and sales will result. There’s far more explanation on this subject in my book.

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