With a glimpse of summer… it was time to fire up the BBQ for the first time of the Year. Small problem…

As soon as I lifted the lid I could see that cooking on my grill could be a near death experience.

The grill plates of my BBQ had been abandoned after the last feast and left to rust through over the course of the winter. There was no way with all the scrubbing and scrapping that I could make them fit to cook on… and live to tell the tale.

I took to the Internet.

Mine’s a Webber… so a quick Google search for Webber BBQ accessories and I found BBQ World – the on-line store run by Dawsons Department Store in Lancashire.

It’s a great on-line store – easy to navigate. In a matter of minutes I’d been able to find the replacement grill plates I needed. Click – ordered.

Then came the email confirmation. Brilliant – due for delivery the next day via Interlink Couriers. And lots of info on how I could track my delivery or rearrange plans if I couldn’t be home to receive it. That’s service. That’s thoughtful.

There was a link to a great little video, (here’s a link, check it out) that explained how they’d deliver within an hour window to save me waiting in, I could even track the progress of their driver and my parcel using my smartphone!

Less than 19 hours from ordering – my Parcel arrived! I was so excited… and impressed.

The items were very well packaged. For me… a sales, marketing and customer service nut… things just got better and better.

The correct parts! Wahooo.

Plus – the 2014 Weber catalogue full of accessories and recipes. (I will now be reordering extras from them). And… this bit I loved… a Joint Venture marketing offer too. A discount voucher (complete with tracing code) from an exotic meat supplier…

I was so impressed with the service I called to thank Dawsons personally.

May I speak to the Managing Director?

Just a moment please”…

Have you ever tried this? With a complaint or a question, call for the MD, right? Start at the top…

I have in the past and usually there’s the dreaded gate keeper! Those conversations go like this…

May I ask what it’s about”… then fobbed off to one department or another… and in the
past I’ve even been told that the MD isn’t… “customer facing”… dreadful.

This was not the case with Dawsons. Straight through to Mrs Dawson.

Good morning – are you the MD” I asked.

Yes” replied Mrs Dawson.

Thanks for taking my call, I’ve just called to congratulate you.

Well I’ve been the MD for nearly 30 years” she said… in a very “up north” accent.

No, I called to congratulate you on your service – it’s quite remarkable”.

Well thank you, I’ll tell my son, he looks after all that on-line stuff…

Fantastic – great service, great marketing, great business – doing very well to and deservedly so.

Don’t forget to “Up-Serve” your customers when you ship products or deliver a service – what else could they want from you or could they be a joint venture partner… It’s far easier to sell to existing customers than constantly seek new ones, don’t miss the opportunity.

Here was my BBQ result – Beer Can Chicken – seriously succulent – try it.

beer can chicken