“Life’s a Pitch… and then you buy” ™

Proof of the pudding – it was a ‘sell out’ success…

LAP_LOGO_Gradient_RGB_72dpiIf you are serious about having a successful business today – It’s vital that you stand out from the crowd… (for the right reasons).

It’s imperative you learn how to deliver outstanding, winning presentations, written or spoken.

To succeed you must discover the secrets that allow you to communicate effectively.

Whatever business you’re in – sales mentor and entrepreneur Steve Clarke of Eureka Sales Ltd maintains… “it’s all about sales – learn to pitch it right… people will buy irrespective of the competition or the economy” he says.

Of course you need to keep an eagle eye on cash flow etc, that’s a given. But now, more than ever, everyone in business must hone their sales and marketing skills if they are to thrive and not just survive”, explains Steve.

Image_002Steve really made me think about the structure of my marketing plan. His presentation is highly effective and has helped me to redefine my pitch” explained business owner Gerard Duggan.

Most people that start their business have a passion for their products of services. However, very few have paid enough attention to how they will go about attracting enough clients on a regular basis. Without paying customers… you very likely have a hobby, not a business.

Image_003Such a hot topic that hits a raw nerve for so many is probably why the launch of Steve’s new programme, “Life’s a Pitch… and then you buy” ™ was a sell out success in Stansted recently.

Although I’ve been in business many years, I had several “eureka moments” during the day, flashes of inspiration which are going to help me take a quantum leap forward in developing my business. Steve made people think more deeply about what their business is about and how to get that message across to others in the most effect way” said John Towers MD of Care at Home UK Ltd.

He’s not spouting hollow theory either. Steve know’s a thing or two about sales and marketing having started, grown, and sold a number of successful businesses. He even floated one business he started on the NASDAQ exchange in the USA.

Having sold his last Essex based business in 2005, he now spends his time helping other business owners achieve their goals through his coaching and mentoring programs as well as delivering regular seminars, talks and events.

Amongst the many speaking engagements on his calendar this year, Steve feels honored to have been invited by Olympic Medalist, World Champion and TV presenter Kriss Akabusi MBE, to deliver a Keynote presentation at Kriss’s own huge business event in April.

Equally exciting for Steve is the opportunity to help as a volunteer with a number of young people aged 16-24 who are looking for help and support through a government initiative called NEET, not in education, employment or training.

“I didn’t do well at school.” Steve confesses. “In fact, I left at the age of 16 with no qualifications to speak of. So I really hope that being able to spend time with these young adults and sharing my experiences with them, I can help them realise that businesses will “buy into them”… if they can learn how to present themselves too”.