I was speaking at a conference in Skopje, Macedonia.

Steve Clarke, Speaker,As is often the case when I speak abroad, my words were being simultaneously translated into the native tongue. On this occasion there were actually two translators on hand – one to translate into Albanian and another into Macedonian. They did a fantastic job.

Without their help – about half the audience would not have been able to understand the points I was making. My messages would have been pretty useless and of no real benefit to them.

Now, before any of you joke with me about my information being of little value anyway…

Here’s a message I received via LinkedIn, the day after the event. And it was from one of the Albanian delegates who was using the translation service.

“Thank you a lot – I did the 3 call concept today before I looked at my emails as you said. One of the calls resulted in a sale that paid for me to attend the event 8 times over! – I will continue with calls, and come to more of your events! Thank you”

So back to the point of this blog.

I explained to the delegates about using the right language with their clients and prospects so that they too get their message across.

All too often people with technical products or services want to demonstrate how much they know by using technical talk… STOP IT. You will be losing business.

For #SalesMadeSimple…. keep it simple.

Steve Clarke, SpeakerSpeak in language the person you are speaking to understands, (or in my case have it translated in real time). Show you care, show you understand the challenge or issue the client faces. Give them a clear concise message they can easily understand. Let them know how you and your business can help solve their problem and relieve their pain.

Remember – People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

Take a moment to review the way you communicate in person, in email, on your website… Are you speaking in a language that gets clearly understood?


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