The Business 2012 event, billed as the biggest and best business show to ever take place in the UK, just took place in London’s O2 arena… did you go?

A lot of people did, to exhibit, to network, to speak and to visit.

Others sadly went there to pray on some easy and vulnerable targets that were full of dreams and aspirations of the wannabe lazy rich… earn money while you sleep, laze on the beach and basically… don’t work hard, work smart and make a fortune brigade…

I agree with don’t work hard, work smart… but here’s where my toes curl…

Stop! just ask yourself why, if it’s that simple to make fortunes, are these (predominately American) slick, fast talking, sleaze bag salesmen on stage selling you their system of how to do it…and not just doing more of it themselves?

To me they oooooozze everything that’s bad about a salesman.

I was accosted several times by the same annoying little git in front of the registration area. Well, one of the registration areas – what a farce registration was.

“Don’t bother to register folks” he squealed in his fingers down the blackboard kind of a voice,

“Come on in, just come on in…it’s free, everything you’ll need to know to make your fortune is about to be shared right here, come on in and listen to Mr JT Sleaze…” (I changed his name, you might have noticed). It was like one of the little cheap side shows at a Barnum and Bailey’s circus.

Here’s a quick tip for anyone getting suckered into buying these get rich quick schemes. Just take a moment and enter the presenters name into Google and add ‘scam’ at the end. You’ll find it very revealing. Could just prevent you from parting with £1000 or more that you could better invest in your business.

The show started badly, they were taking a barrage of abuse on Twitter and doing precious little to ease the situation. They were slammed for a late start, inadequate signage, poor communication and to top it off – a freezing cold venue.

Due to a late start, some top speakers were talking to a packed room of…4. What a shame, what a waste of time and talent.

The evening cocktail party on the first night with Sir Richard Branson added fuel to the fire as people attending the same party realized folks had paid various prices for the same experience – prices ranging from £1,000 to £50… well how would you feel if you’d paid £1,000 to find the person next to you paid £50?

I didn’t go back for more, but I gather things improved in terms of the show… but the sleaze bags just kept sleazing…

I hope the exhibitors all got plenty of leads and have a good system for following up. I hope the visitors made valuable connections and again… will follow up – that’s where the magic starts.

Ok, so we all make mistakes. Hopefully we learn from them and we move on.

On the lighter side – this just cracked me up.

Surely someone must be taking the P***

(Thanks to a friend for snapping this photo… a genuine sticker in a mens urinal at a trade show…)

Is this really someones idea of great marketing… is it yours? Please – tell me it’s not.

Yes – OK, so I’m spreading the word for them now – but really – come off it!

This is not what anyone means by “viral marketing” – the person sticking the stickers is the only one that’s in any danger of getting anything viral!

Don’t waste another penny on marketing that you can’t measure and that doesn’t get the results you want… and if you ordered gold stickers for the loo’s for goodness sake cancel them!

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