With all the doom and gloom of government spending reviews, cutbacks and business failures, sometimes it’s nice to hear a little good news.

Essex based software business Truckcom Systems has some very good news – this year its turnover is up more than 20% on last year, and profits are up by almost 40% making it the best year in the company’s history.

Truckcom have developed a unique and powerful smartphone based vehicle fleet management system that’s used to guide and track fleets of trucks all over the UK.

A big part of it’s popularity is that unlike other fleet tracking systems on the market, Truckcom requires no installation. It simply tracks the positions of the smartphones whilst they are in the vehicle. It’s easy to use, flexible, and very low cost with a simple tracking only package available for as little as 40p per user per day.

What does it do? Well in simple terms fleet tracking with Truckcom allows its customers to:

• Set up fleet tracker alerts to warn you when things happen that you may be interested in.

• Keep fleet tracking records, minute by minute, of where your vehicles have been – so if you need to check something afterwards, you’ve always got a route replay facility.

• Monitor traffic congestion on the fleet tracking map.

• Manage your truck drivers’ working time compliance and tachograph hours with Truckcom’s fleet tracking time management module.

And much much more besides…

As the country struggles out of recession, they have found plenty of new customers for this kind of technology that want to save money and improve the efficiency of their fleet of vehicles. Plus their existing customers are reaping the benefits this technology delivers and they too are expanding strongly.

Managing Director Hugh Wightwick is understandably pleased with the company’s results this year.

“More and more fleet operators are realising that they can use this kind of everyday technology very easily to improve their businesses. More people than ever are using smartphones (such as Blackeberrys and iPhones) and the numbers are on the increase. Our systems run on regular smartphones. Truckcom is all about helping fleet operators to take control – and once they have, they can improve their customer service, they can reduce their costs, and they can ensure they stay legal.”

With increased efficiencies come reduced fuel bills from a reduction of fuel burned so these little gizmos are doing their bit for the environment too.

A new Truckcom customer, SAPA Building Systems, is very pleased with the system. “Taking Truckcom on board is one of the best decisions we’ve made in communication terms”, says Steve Stack, SAPA’s Fleet Manager. “We can track the movement of every vehicle in real time which means we can improve efficiencies all round”.

“We’re very good with technology, but sales and marketing were never our strong points.” explains Hugh. “I decided to look for some external help and support and someone recommended Steve’s book to me; How To Thrive Not Just Survive. I found it relevant and timely. I then booked onto his Fast Track Marketing Master Class and joined his monthly Sales Mentoring Programme too and haven’t looked back.

One of the things that we weren’t really focussing on before Steve got involved was clearly promoting the benefits of our system”, says Hugh. “Also, whilst we had some ideas on how best to promote our product, Steve’s advice and regular mentoring has taken us to a new level of marketing – it’s been great”.

Now that he’s found his stride and seen the results – he throughly enjoys the challenge of marketing his products and services.

Hugh is pictured below along with Steve Clarke and Dan Thompson at the Eureka Sales Mentoring Christmas dinner where they were both presented with a bottle of champagne in recognition of their outstanding achievements in 2010.

Dan owns a fitness business called Colchester Boot Camps. In 2010 Dan fought off tough competition to be awarded the Colchester District Best New Business Award. In his own words Dan credits the Eureka Sales Mentoring Programme for having helped him “transform” his business.

Congratulations Hugh and Dan.