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For more than 10 years my good friend Warren Cass, the founder of one of the UK’s leading business support membership groups, Business Scene, has made an annual pilgrimage to the slopes… and he doesn’t like to ski alone… so he set up “Netski.”

He thought it would be a great idea to invite like minded business people and entrepreneurs to spend time together on and off the piste. The idea being, you get to make new friends and hang out with old ones. Share thoughts, ideas and stories and enjoy the fresh mountain air together. Inspired thinking all round.

This year for the first time I joined the group – and I will be going back again for sure.

Like many, I love the all round alpine experience. Fresh air, breathtaking views, exercise and of course the apres ski… (the highlight for many, Warren included as he demonstrated… repeatedly).

I very quickly realised I was privileged to be in the company of some amazing and very interesting people… The group has, (pardon the pun,) snowballed. There were 60 of us on this trip!

Over the course of the week I got into some fascinating conversations with people from a broad spectrum of industries and from all over the country.

Energised and fascinated by the collective brain power, during conversations I made a point of eliciting what motivates and drives them on. What were the secrets to the success of this amazing group I found myself in? It was not surprise that many patterns repeated – success leaves clues

So collated from various conversations over the week are the Seven Secrets to Success from Skiers off the Slopes, (none of which are about “bending zeee knees”.)

1.     Knowledge isn’t power – it’s the application of knowledge that counts. 

There was an obvious thirst for knowledge. They never stop learning. They read, they ask questions and… (on the whole)… they listen well. But then they take action, massive action. If knowledge alone was power – the world would be run by librarians. It’s the application that counts.

2.  Don’t worry about asking for advice. 

Many of those I spoke to, despite being at the top of their field and top of their game told me they had coaches and mentors they would turn to when they wanted advice or to talk over challenges. Whilst they could make great and tough decisions, they didn’t go it alone.

3.  It’s important to become a great leader.

Delegation, inspiration and motivation were key messages. In order to grow and scale you can’t do everything. You have to act and think more strategically. There was a clear message about becoming a strong leader. People follow great leaders. If people aren’t following you, you’re not a leader, you’re just going for a walk.

4.  Get out of your comfort zone. 

The most successful people I spoke with all operate at their best when they’re stretched, not resting in their comfort zone. It was clear that in order to achieve the success that others only dream of – you must push beyond where you’re comfortable into your stretch zone, sometimes on the edge of panic. Get comfortable feeling uncomfortable and push on.

5.  Don’t live in the past. 

As Kriss Akabussi says “the past is for reference, not for residence”. This came out in several discussions too. Learn from the past, don’t go back, don’t dwell on things – drive forwards, onwards and upwards. Acknowledge when things go wrong, don’t dwell on it – learn from it. Change what you can, accept what you can’t, let go… move on. When things go well, celebrate. Don’t stop there, push on.

6.  Surround yourself with positive people. 

Netski delivered on this brilliantly. Life’s too short to hang out with small minded moaners, they will drag you down. If you find yourself in the company of negative people… don’t just walk away from them… RUN!

7.  WTF 

A favourite of mine – Where’s The Focus. The highly successful people I spoke with were all laser focused on where they were going and why. Where’s your focus?

Please tell me in the comments below what are your top tips for success.

Entrepreneurs Ski Trip

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