Instead of a spectacular performance, we saw Andy Murray make a spectacle of himself as we were subjected to relentless slow motion TV replays of his foul mouthed Tennis Tourette’s and internal self-destruction.

Along with millions of viewers I witnessed an outstanding display of tennis from the Serbian Novak Djokovic as he cruised purposefully and almost effortlessly to victory against the British No1, Andy Murray (or the Scottish No1 as many seem to be referring to him now that he’s failed to win a single set from the three Grand Slam finals).

There can be no doubting Murray’s physical fitness or his technical ability. The problem with Andy Murray appears to be his mental game. In any sport you have to get the balance right between form, fitness and your mindset.

The same is true in business and very true in sales. I know many business people who are technically adept, masters of their craft, yet at the critical moment or on critical tasks their mindset and their beliefs let them down.

Murray held his head in his hands, tugged at his shirt and kicked his racket. In outbursts of full blown Tennis Tourette’s he yelled profanities at his mother and coach, even swore at the seagulls overhead and whatever conversation he was having inside his head would have been a debilitating waste of mental energy.

In sport, as in business, confidence is a massive factor and it’s often what separates the winners from the losers, we need to be mentally fit to win.

Perhaps he needs a coach capable of providing the combination of technical discipline and encouragement necessary to focus his mind not just his racket and save him from this lack of self belief that was once again his greatest opponent.

In business, if your sales figures just aren’t where you want them, if you start losing clients, if your profits are down… do you know what to do and how to remedy things? Who’s there for you to help focus your mind and your efforts? Do you have a coach that helps you… or do you just go it alone as best you can?

With confidence… comes greater confidence. If you start winning games you will go on court with more belief and the more you win, the more you begin to feel like you can’t lose. The very same is true in business.

Have you noticed that good players are almost equal in their physical and technical abilities? Yet only a few of them are real winners. The same is true in business. One of the all time tennis greats, Pete Sampras used to say: “You need the game, you need the heart, and you need the mind.”

There’s a verse in my book – it’s about mindset and it ends like this;

Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man, but sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can!

If you want to improve your tennis – get a coach… If you need to get your head around how to win more sales – contact me.

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