I’m no petrol head, not an engine kind of a guy at all, but I do love adventure.

I spent the other week powering my way up and over the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and riding off road in the Sahara dessert on a monster BMW GS1200 motor bike. A new experience for me.

Breath taking scenery. Eye opening cultural experience… What a trip. And on reflection… Some very important business lessons too…


Like many, I rode motorcycles as a teenager… But that was a few years ago!

I’d never been astride a beast like this… A 1200cc adventure sports bike. It’s big, it’s tall, it’s powerful…And for those that know me… Yes, I had to have a lower saddle fitted before I dared to set off.

The night before we got going we had a briefing from our guide. A highly skilled and experienced rider, Patrick has completed the iconic Paris Dakar rally on a motorcycle on a number of occasions. He has raced all over the world and broken just about every bone in his body… Very encouraging.


Setting out from our hotel in Marrakech was a white knuckle experience for me to start with. The bustling traffic takes an “every man for himself” attitude… Scary…

It would have been quite easy to tell the others to go ahead, turn back and lounge around the pool. But that wasn’t why I’d made the trip.

What kind of journey are you on with your business? Who is acting as your guide? Are you clinging on for dear life, challenging yourself each day or lounging round the pool… metaphorically speaking?

image006As we broke the city limits and the traffic thinned out we started to gather speed and the journey began in earnest. It started to feel less frightening and more exciting with every mile and every turn we made.

Each bend in the road revealed another dimension of the truly unique landscape. We climbed to our first coffee stop. Parked up, helmets off and looked back over the winding road down to the valley below… way, way below!

Huge smiles all round and our first chance to celebrate. No fallers, no incidents. We were all unscathed and loving life. I was feeling particularly pleased with myself having kept up with the group, it felt amazing… I’d developed a new skill… still a beginner, but I’d kept up.

Do you take time to celebrate the small victories? Do you recognize the small steps forward that you’re making in your business each day, week and month?

With every turn the scenery took on a new look and brought with it fresh challenges. Hairpin turns on steep single track mountain roads… No safety barriers, just sheer drops! Then… an oncoming lorry out of nowhere!

Off road in the valleys across the Sahara Desert – keeping an eye out for so many hazards… camel, sheep, goats, rocks, soft sand… and an oncoming lorry out of nowhere!

Patrick, our guide explained to me that the important thing was to stay relaxed, look ahead and read the situation. Don’t look down, don’t focus on the hazard or the problem. Focus on the road ahead and where you’re going, where you want to be…

Don’t focus on the problem, be aware of it, don’t focus on it. Look around the bend to where you want to be. Select the right gear, keep the power on and away you go, have faith…

Does this sound familiar? In business and in life… “Where focus goes, energy flows.” You’ll get what you focus your attention on. The hazard, or the clear road ahead?

Keep focused on your goal. Continue to push yourself, get into your stretch zone, out of your comfort zone and don’t spend too long in the panic zone… Start thinking it’s easy and complacency will get you.

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