Life’s a Pitch… and then you buy!

… it’s time to conquer your demons… and reap the rewards!

Do you feel like you’re working twice as hard and earning half as much as you should… or less?

Then it’s time for change.

Do you get in a fluster when it’s time to pitch? Do your knees knock at the thought of having to stand up and present? Do you become a quivering wreck? It doesn’t have to be that way!

Just think… what would it mean to you and your business if you could conquer your demons and dramatically improve your sales presentation and speaking skills?

One sure fire way to boost your sales and profits is to learn to leverage your time effectively and present professionally – one to many… not just one to one. When you unlock the secrets to delivering a powerful presentation you will gain;

Increased confidence…Increased sales…Increased earnings…

OK – so let me ask you – what’s holding you back?

Have you ever had to endure the pain of a slooooow death by PowerPoint presentation? Arrrggghhh! Please tell me that you don’t deliver like that!

Have you listened to dull speakers that ramble – never getting their point across, just keen to listen to the sound of their own voice? Again… not you… right?

Do you start to have feelings of self doubt and worry if you’ll be able to deliver a meaningful message or hold the audiences attention long enough to win the sale?

Do you worry about drying up mid sentence or losing the plot altogether?

None of these are unusual feelings, you’re not alone.

But to succeed in sales, to succeed as a presenter, overcoming these fears is vitally important – if you want to reap the rewards.

Just imagine how you’d feel standing confidently in front of a 5, 100 or 1,000 strong audience or even just facing your prospective clients over a boardroom table… and delivering a powerful, inspirational, confident and winning presentation… every single time?

I always felt I was confident enough with my presentations. I’m a business coach after all. I help people with their sales and marketing – and that of course includes their presentations.

But is it something I’ve always done naturally? No. I’ve personally been coached and mentored on how to structure and deliver more valuable content to my targeted audience, as a result my sales are up 518% year to date.

From all that I’ve learnt I’ve created the “EUREKA” Profitable Presentation System.

It works like a dream – business is booming – yours could be too if you learn to apply this simple system;

Here’s the outline…

Engage a hungry audience with the right bait and hook

Uncover the problems you can solve for the audience.

Reach out and build rapport with ease – (there are 5 key steps).

Establish credibility by delivering valuable (but high level) content.

Keep to time and keep things interesting by applying three simple golden rules.

Anchor the audience with a unique and killer “foundational phrase”.

I wanted to share this with you right now. Because – just today, my head was filling with self doubt.

I’ve been hearing those little voices in my head saying – “Who do you think you are”? “You’re not capable of this one”.  Have you ever heard these same voices?

And here I am busy preparing for a 2 day presentation/training that I’ve been contracted to deliver in Saudi Arabia… for a very healthy 5 figure sum… (gulp).

The voices weren’t letting up. “What on earth are you doing”. “You’re going to fall on your face”!

Then I decided it’s time for a dose of my own medicine. I revisited the system that I’ve tried and tested. I restructured things in a way that I know works and everything’s back under control.

I know that I have an audience that want to learn and I’ve decided how best to Engage with them.

Through my research I’ve Uncovered the problems I can help them solve.

I’ve already managed to Reach out and build Rapport with several of the team I will be training in advance of my trip.

Together we’ve Established exactly how my experience will benefit them.

I know there are timelines to Keep to and I’ve built in several exercises that will keep their attention and involvement.

Each element of the training now has specific Anchors that will aid their learning and insure they take on board and use the content too.

The structure works – the presentation will flow – their sales will increase – our bank balances grow… all in all – happy days!

If you’d like some help or advice on improving your presentations skills that will massively boost your sales – please email me I’d love to help.

I’m running a program – Life’s a Pitch… and then you buy – click this link for info.

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