Greetings from the Dalmatian Islands off the coast of Croatia.

It’s my wife’s 50th birthday, (you’re not meant to mention a ladies age I know, but she looks so good on it, I think I may just get away with it… providing you don’t mention I’ve said it).

She wanted to have a holiday with all our kids, one to remember. Really…? There are five of them all with partners, all with jobs and all over 21 – what are the chances of coordinating that one?

Well I did! So what’s this got to do with you and your business?

As you read this – consider the similarities with sailing in the Dalmatian Islands and your business… Don’t let the green eyed monster of jealousy cloud your mind, you can do this this kind of trip too if you decide you want to.

We arrived at the marina and got a briefing on our yachts before we moved an inch. The controls on board, the radio, the local waters, the weather, what to see and do etc.

Between the three crews we decided on the kind of journey we wanted to take, where we wanted to go, who would be responsible for what particular tasks. We planned each day carefully based around having fun and achieving our objective safely and within a set time frame.

We didn’t cast off and just go with the flow… that would lead to disaster.

Can you imagine just letting go our moorings and heading out to sea with no idea where we were heading and what weather we might encounter. Where there are rocks, where there are safe anchorages and so on. It would be crazy, right?

OK – so you see where I’m going with this?

How many of you have a plan, a simple A4 plan for the various elements of your business clearly and simply mapped out?

I’ll bet I’ve done more planning for this week’s sailing than many of you have done for a year in business. Harsh, but true?

To succeed in business, now more than ever, you must have a sales and marketing strategy people can buy into, execute and measure.

See if this template helps you and let me know if you have any questions.

Click here to view my Down & Dirty A4 Plan.

The plan is in PDF file format.
To view the plan you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. (you probably already have this)
If you need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader you can download it free of charge using the following link.