It’s that soul searching time of the year – New Years resolutions, yes folks it’s goal setting time.

But stop kidding yourself! Sorry to be so blunt.

Setting your goals and dreams is the fun part.

It’s a fact that without your own goals and a plan you just become part of someone else’s plan. So it’s not just important to set your goals – it’s vital!

However, if you want to see a positive change in your life, your business or both in the year ahead – it’s not a matter just having goals set. 

That’s where things fall down. That’s where resolutions don’t get kept and dreams don’t get realised.

Success in 2016 will not be about your ability, your skill set or luck – it’s about finding the motivation, support and your willingness to take action on your planThe key is Action!

Amongst all the usual round of Happy New Year messages (which I appreciate by the way)… I got this from one of my clients, someone I’ve worked with for quite a few years now;

“Big thank you for all your support in 2015. It’s changed my life and it’s really appreciated.”

A fabulous message to receive, particularly as I was sitting wondering what’s life is all about… what’s my purpose… what does the future hold and how can I shape things.

But it wasn’t just my support that helped him… he took regular repeat action towards his clear goals. He knew where he wanted to go – I simply helped him steer his course, questioned him, encouraged him and prodded him…

So of course we should set goals… big ones and small ones too, but it’s all about action. Accountability and support can be a big help too.

If I can impact a dozen more people in the year ahead in the way I have helped this one person – then it will be a cracking year.

What’s going to make 2016 a stand out year for you? What are your goals and what are you going to do to make them your reality?

Come on – for 2016 – Don’t make excuses – make results

Let me know if you need a steer or a prod – I’d be happy to oblige – Happy New Year.



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