The world has changed – and were not going back.

Sales is no longer exclusively “someones” job within a business…

It’s fast becoming everybodys job.

Buyers are now more informed than ever before. All the technical information, research, reviews and recommendations are available to them at the touch of a button.

Moreover, the answers they are seeking are often available right in the palm of their hands thanks to smart phones and tablets.

No longer does the old school salesman have the upper hand in terms of information and knowledge. Gone are the old days of the old ABC of sales… Always Be Closing, and thats a good thing!

We have moved from a world of Caveat Emptor (buyer beware) to one of Caveat Venditor (seller beware). Not only does the customer have information available to them, but they have the means to communicate both good and bad experiences with the world in a heart beat.

People today, want a fair deal from people they like and trust. Getting people to exchange what they have for something we have is a very natural occurrence. To sell today – is to serve. To sell more – serve better, simple.

Today – to see an increase in sales, we must improve all round communication. All staff that have any contact with customers, no matter how remote, should learn the new ABC of sales – Always Be Caring.

Every business as I see it, now has three distinct sales teams;

The Regular
The Reluctant
…and The Referral.


For your business to thrive, not just survive, you must have a strategy and tactical plan for each of these very different “sales teams”.

The Regular Sales Team;

This would be considered our traditional sales force. It may involve retail staff, perhaps business development consultants or telesales people. You get the idea – the more traditional roles.

I don’t believe we work in either the B2B or B2C space any more, (business to business or business to consumer). For sales to soar… try thinking about P2P instead… people to people.

Sales teams who start to find it tough to compete and win business often point straight to pricing or fierce competition – rubbish. They need to learn how to connect and engage with people at an emotional level. Very few people just buy on price. Were price sensitive, sure… but its just one factor.

The Reluctant Sales Team;

In this group we have any of your staff that have even the slightest contact with your clients or prospects including the finance team, admin staff or I.T support, these people are very much in sales today, they probably dont realize it – but they can have a huge influence over sales… or worse – the lack of sales!

People buy from people they like and trust. This group of people need to recognize that being in “sales” is not a dirty word.

If they believe that your company, products and services are great… would they suggest their own mum buys from you? Of course – they’d make a strong case and recommend the best thing for her, right? Again, this needs to be explained, taught and practiced, but the impact can be immense.

The Referral Sales Team;

This is made up from your happy clients. These happy clients will give referrals and recommendations. These can come in the form of written testimonials, video clips, posts on social media… the list is almost endless, but its incredibly powerful, when worked with a strategy.

If you want to see sales and profits soar irrespective of the economy or your competition you must create and implement a strategy and tactical action plan for each of these three key areas. If youd like help with this… just ask.