Practical advice and accountability
either 1-2-1 or with peer group support



A unique membership program for ambitious business owners – perhaps just like you…

Our Eureka Platinum Mentoring Groups provide a safe environment where like minded leaders from diverse industries meet, work, laugh and grow together.

Membership creates the opportunity each month to surround yourself with a positive peer group, who will challenge your thinking, perhaps offer you a different and refreshing perspective on your plans that will help and inspire you to reach your goals quicker than you could ever do by going it alone.

From world class guest speakers and presenters you’ll learn new skills and techniques for improved performance that will have an immediate and positive impact when you embed them into your business.

Owning or running a business can be incredibly rewarding… when things are going well. On the flip side – it can be stressful, frustrating and lonely at times too.

  • Where do you turn to for help and support?
  • Who do you talk to about your growth or exit strategies?
  • Where are you able to gain inspiration and a fresh perspective on things?
  • Who challenges you in a positive way and on a regular basis?
  • Who ensures you’re driving the business forwards and achieving your goals?

An MBA made simple – for the busy, ambitious business owner – Mastermind – Brainstorm – Action.




This could be precisely what you need to take your business to the next level.
Don’t wait another second – make contact today and find out how a Eureka Platinum
Mentoring Group could help you achieve your goals.

...constructive, direct, challenging yet supportive.  Steve and the group build mutual trust by really understanding who you are and your untapped potential and then, collaboratively, you put plans in place; he and the group hold you to task to achieve your goals.

James Prior | Flying Start Limited

We were stuck in a bit of a rut... felt we needed something new to take us to the next level, Platinum has definitely delivered, now it’s - how do we manage this torrential in ux of work! And you’re helping with that too!.

Patricia Fox | Aralia Landscape and Garden Design

All thanks to you and the group, the quality of the speakers and the topics covered, our sales doubled again last month! I can’t thank you enough for helping me get to where we are today.

Mark McIvor | Print Force

We doubled our sales last month and we’re on for another cracker. The staff are 100% happier and far more efficient when we apply what we learn at Platinum.”

Tracy McIvor | Print Force Ltd

Monthly meetings give you a wake up call as to why we’re in business in the first place. We saw 150% increase in sales for the first 3 months.

Howard Grahame | HG Education

With the support and knowledge provided by the Platinum group, I have experienced tremendous personal and professional growth whilst faced with extremely challenging commercial pressures.

Robert Sinnott | ACME Transport Services

A key ingredient to the success of Platinum is the chemistry and quality of the people in the room.

Amanda Johnson | Virtual Assistant Coaching and Training Company

Investing 5% of my time for 146% increase in sales. Platinum works.

Matthew Day | CRM Superstars
Platinum Member since 2012

Our 24 year old business has seen record sales months last year, but Platinum has given me much more than that. What is the point of running your own business if you are just a slave to it? I am less stressed, happier and have a clear way forward. If you want to improve how your business works for you (whatever your goals) you need to consider membership.

Gavin Rabello | Patrick and Menzies Opticians
Platinum Member since 2012

Steve and his group have literally transformed the way I think and act in business, our profits have soared since I became a member.

Gary White | CBHC Accounting
Platinum Member since 2011

Thanks to all I’ve learnt and applied from the Platinum group - I’ve achieved my 12 month target in 10 months

Howard Graham | HG Education
Platinum Member since 2011

An age old phrase, but nonetheless valid – it’s an opportunity to spend time working on your business not just in it.


Time spent one to one with either Steve Clarke or one of his team of experienced Eureka business coaches will deliver massive results – the results that perhaps have been eluding you… the results you’ve been dreaming of.. 

Our coaching and mentoring is not a one hit wonder. It’s not a quick fix. There’s no magic wand. Sorry.

That said – time and time again we uncover blockages or can spot clear ways ahead early in a first meeting with a new client. It’s one of the primary benefits of having external and experienced eyes and ears.

It can be tough to ask for external support. But it could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.


...We were sceptical about getting in external support. My business partner was bowled over by the information shared by Steve when he spoke at a conference. We immediately asked him to come in to Mentor us... He has been outstanding. He has been there himself and understands every challenge we face. We're currently implementing the changes he has suggested and we are already seeing results on our way to £35m in sales. He is no nonsense, understands all challenges and tells you straight (which I love). I recommend him highly to any business looking to increase sales and develop strategies for growth.

Faith Olding | MD, Apollo Teaching

I'll be honest letting someone come in and dissect our business warts and all was quite a daunting prospect, however the results so far have enabled the whole team to focus far better... its definitely been worthwhile especially with new business already won!

Ian Haughton

…business simply keeps building. Just in the first 5 weeks of this year we have taken over £250K in orders. That is a whopping 33% more compared to the same period last year. Steve you have sure pushed us in the right direction!

Alfred Van Pelt | Something Different Europe Ltd