Those that know me well, know that I’m not big on political correctness. Generally speaking, this lack of correctness raises a smile and often at live events… even a cheer.

That said, I’d certainly never go all out to offend.

But let me ask you – what’s your take on this postcard advert from Harvey Nichols?

Not the greatest of snaps on my iPhone, but under the word SALE, the tag line says,

“Try to contain your excitement”.

And yes – from the look of the wet trousers, the less than excited blonde appears to have been unable to do so.

I found this postcard on our kitchen counter today as my wife is on their mailing list.

Interestingly, at first glance all she saw was Harvey Nichols SALE, flipped it over to note the date in her diary and thought no more of it.

I typically mentor and coach entrepreneurial business owners who dream of viral marketing. So with my sales and marketing head on I saw something completely different.

What’s your take on this kind of “shock humor”? Do you consider it shocking or even humorous? I’ve been battling with the line between marketing genius – (it’s being talked about a lot, and viral marketing can obviously be brilliant for sales)… and rude, vulgar and offensive, which could be very damaging to a brand.

Is it – as the marketing chaps say; “On Brand?” or is it over the edge? What does Harvey Nichols as a brand mean to you? Is this what you’d expect from them?

There’s been a lot of commentary and feedback already on this one on my Facebook page after a couple of Tweets I sent.

Come on over and see what people think, leave your feedback too, here or on Facebook, I’d love to hear what you think.

What other examples have you seen of shock humor that worked or maybe bombed?

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