When I first saw this image I chuckled, maybe you did too.

Whether you enjoy the odd glass or not, it’s the business concept that caught my eye, (honest…)

Nice branding I thought, well done.

Then I looked into it further. It’s very smart marketing indeed and their business is growing too.

Started in the States, now in the UK as well.

Winebulance aren’t just another wine merchant – they’ve taken a different slant on things.

They are looking for retail partners in the wine retail industry – they are offering help to retailers to grow their business outside their own four walls using their unique and very strong brand. Offering an experience customers will love, reuse and recommend.

They are creating a massive network of wine merchant “partners”. Each partner purchases their own “winebulance” and then gets support, for a fee, from the head office marketing team.

They then add a touch of scarcity and urgency to the sales pitch… only one winebulance in a geographical area… or post code – get on board before your competitor does!

How can you add value to another company’s proposition? Who could you partner with? Who has the clients or the database that you’d like to work with?

Do you use scarcity and urgency in your marketing messages?

Don’t go it alone!

This is… #SalesMadeSimple…