If you’re feeling battle weary – relight the fire…
To succeed in business and to attract paying clients to your business you absolutely must have an infinite supply of Genuine Passion and Tones of Enthusiasm. If you haven’t got it – how will your clients get it?

It’s not always easy, I know that. Some days are tougher than others to whip up enthusiasm. Everyone would be in business for themselves if it was an easy ride. But do you know what I found as I studied successful business people? They all had a genuine passion for the business they were creating and an abundance of enthusiasm to see them through tough times. They all had a clear vision of where they were going and the type of business they wanted to build along the way. They had a focus and determination and they adopted a winning “can do” attitude.

Don’t get me wrong; they didn’t all know how they were going to get there, not by a long shot.

Take a moment now to remind yourself why you got into business in the first place. What vision did you have, and what vision do you have now for where you’re heading? Ask yourself, and be honest; has the vision faded along with your enthusiasm?

So, if you’re feeling battle weary – relight the fire…

This is not an option it’s a necessity. Look around you. Are your friends and business associates upbeat and positive? Guess what happens to your enthusiasm if you spend your time in the company of negative people. They’ll drag you down; they’ll sap all your energy.

You need to mix in the right company.

Establish a support network around you that helps fuel your enthusiasm and relight your passion. There are local business groups you could join, (be careful not to join the breakfast moaning groups, there are way too many of those around). I am constantly amazed by the amount of business owners who are willing to get up at six o’clock on a Monday morning to arrive for a greasy breakfast with the same people who do nothing but moan, moan, and moan again. Do you belong to a Monday moaning meeting?

There are good inspirational books to read, DVD’s to watch, web sites to visit and so on. Subscribe to good email lists that send you useful and upbeat tips straight into your in box on a Monday morning.

You are welcome to listen in to my regular marketing tele seminars or attend some of my workshops. You could join one of our Platinum Mastermind Groups where like minded individuals meet regularly to share ideas and tips on business growth – strictly no moaning allowed!!!

Watch the news once a day to keep yourself informed, but be prepared to turn it off once it starts repeating itself. Most of the news is bad news, you must have noticed that. Doom gloom and despondency. Some business meetings and networks can mirror this too so do be careful.

How do you keep upbeat? I believe so much is down to – Attitude.

I have set out below a simple graphic illustration I found as to how your attitude can lead to 100% of your success. The number beside each letter of the word attitude represents the letters’ place in the alphabet i.e. A = 1 B = 2 C = 3 etc.

Amazingly (don’t ask me who on earth had the time to work this out) add up the value of the letters in attitude and the total comes to 100. A reinforcement that 100% of your success comes from your attitude.

Successful people do certain things;

1AAction oriented
20TTake responsibility
20TTurn negative into positive
9IImitate excellence
20TTurn fear into focus
21UUncover hidden talents
4DDevelop yourself
5EExpect the unexpected


100 Attitude = 100% of success 

In life there are three sorts of people…and it’s all about attitude.

Your Attitude that determines your altitudeThose that MAKE things happen!

Those that watch things happen.

And those that wonder what happened??

When the going gets tough…the tough make decisions. Decide which of the three you want to be and if you want to achieve the levels of success you’ve dreamt of – find ways every day to make things move in the right direction. Step by step.



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