Every month members of my Platinum Mentoring program, a group of dynamic entrepreneurial business owners, travel from all over the county to a location on the edge of Stansted Airport to network, brainstorm and learn new and exciting ways to work on improving their marketing effectiveness and boosting their sales.

During a recent meeting I was talking about ways to generate more business from existing

I introduced them to the concept of ‘re-booting’ their existing business relationships.

Think about it; When you get a new laptop or PC everything is fantastic for a while.

It’s shiny and new, it’s speedy and efficient. But we all know what happens with our computers when they’ve been left on an working hard for a length of time. They can often become sluggish, temperamental and and clogged up with rubbish.

When you seek help from an expert – what’s the first piece of advice?

“You need to re-boot”. In essence, reset and restart everything, clear out the junk and establish a fresh benchmark for what’s working well and what’s not.

During a recent round table mastermind session with my Platinum Group, one of my longstanding members, Juliet Price – Managing Director of Park City Ltd., shared this powerful and very useful framework with fellow members;


(STOP! Don’t cut and paste this address into your browser – it’s an acronym not a real website…)

It stands for; What’s Working Well – Even Better If…

I think you’ll agree – Memorable and beautifully simple. (the acronym, not Juliet…).

I’d urge you to regularly visit your clients and key accounts and employ this structure as
the agenda for your meeting and work on re-booting your relationships.

This will allow you to reinforce and get agreement on what you’re already doing well for the client. Don’t let all your good work just become ‘a given.’

Once you raise the bar and make early improvements – your excellent, becomes the norm… So, it’s good to remind your clients how things maybe used to be and with your input and involvement. So, with your products or service… What’s Working Well for them now that you’re on the scene?

Then move on to get their input on what could be – Even Better If…

This will prompt them to come up with ideas that can help further cement the business relationship once you deliver the solution. You’ll be working together on continual improvements.

Remember – staff come and go. The person you used to sell to or work with may move on.

Whenever you have a new contact within a key account. However good your products or services are for them when they step into the role is now… ‘the norm’… and they will be looking to make their mark and make improvements.

Be pro-active and not a casualty. Make time to reboot your business – regularly.

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