Researchers have proven over the years that people gain far greater satisfaction from purchasing an “experience” over “material goods”…

Buying a shiny new car can delight us for the first few weeks, but as the new car smell fades – it just becomes our preferred mode of transport.

Where as my trip to New Zealand and specifically the exhilarating mountain bike ride along the Queen Charlotte Track on a hot summers day lingers in my mind. The small matter of the extreme climbs, sheer drops and aching muscles are over shadowed by the amazing views, bluest of blue skies, the fresh clean air and the sense of achievement after 5 hours hard riding.

Experiences give us something to relate to emotionally. We have stories to share which can help us connect with others too. I have already recommended that trip and the company that arranged it to so many people.

Framing a sale in terms of the “experience” someone will gain rather than the nuts and bolts of your product or service will lead to a more satisfied customer, a customer that will share the experience and recommend it to others, plus of course potential repeat business too.

To help increase sales and achieve higher customer satisfaction make an emotional connection to the experience your client will gain.

For example; if you’re selling a car, don’t focus on the sumptuous leather seats or the 3 litre engine. Instead, try highlighting what it will allow the new owner to do, how they will feel, where they can go, family and friends they can visit. Make an emotional connection.

Or as one of my favorite sayings goes – Sell the sizzle – not the sausage.