snakes and ladders board

Business that is… it’s a game. How are you playing it?

In a conversation with a client recently we were discussing all the ups and downs, challenges and wins he encounters each day, week and month. We all do the same, right?

It struck me, that all businesses are just like the game we’ve all played as kids…

Snakes & Ladders.

We set up the board. We have a start point and hopefully (although many of you don’t and it’s something you must address,) a goal in mind, an end point you’re striving for.

Then we role the die…

In the game we played, you first need to throw a 6 to even get started, that can take a while to get off the mark. You see others get ‘lucky’ and get ahead, you seem to be getting left behind. Ring any bells?

Keep rolling the die and that 6 will appear – and so, eventually it does. Quit… and it won’t.

When you’re on the first row in square number 6 – the goal – square 100 seems miles away. There appears to be so many things in the way of you reaching your goal. Your competitors are all way out in front.

fearofsnakesIt’s very easy to start focusing on the slippery, slithering, slimy, snakes, the forked tongues hissing as they lie in wait to ruin our chances and threaten to deliver set backs at any opportunity or even a fatal venomous bite.

Ophidiophobia… the fear of snakes, kicks in causing panic. The fear can root you to the spot for fear of what could happen. Even though you may never have actually been bitten by one.

stepladderYou’re handed the die. It’s your turn, you take a deep breath, gather your courage, you roll the die again.

A stoke of luck comes your way – you land at the foot of a ladder – but it’s not the great big one you’d hoped for…

You wanted the fireman’s extended rescue ladder – you get this!

Take it, be grateful, learn from your experience, move on. It’s a game.

In business you will encounter snakes, you will experience set backs. It’s how you deal with the situation, how you respond emotionally and what action you take that counts.

Look for the ladders – look for who, what, when, where, why, and how you can make a jump on the market. Overtake your competitors, lead the field, innovate.

What do you focus on in your business – the snakes or the ladders?

For the rest of the month – focus on finding your ladders.

Be aware of the snakes – but look for the ladders.

If you’d like help to avoid the snakes and find those ladders click here.