There was a well known saying, “Half my advertising works and half doesn’t, but I just don’t know which is which”.

And back in 1930 or whenever this quote was first used, it was quite true. However, times have moved on and this just doesn’t have to be true any more.

It’s easy to get a pretty good handle on most, if not all, of your advertising and marketing just through using Tracking Numbers…

Tracking Numbers is simply a service that allows you to track and monitor how many telephone calls you receive from each individual advert or piece of marketing that you do.

How’s does it work?

You acquire a set of new different phone numbers from a broker, there are several in the uk – and you point them all at your existing phone line. Don’t get hung up, (pardon the pun) on the technicalities, it’s really easy to do and you don’t need to change lines or providers and your existing numbers work just the same.

The only difference is that now you know which advert or piece of marketing generated each call as they all have a unique phone number. This means that you can go online and see exactly how many calls you’ve received on which phone number.

Here’s a really simple example;

Let’s say you run a gardening business. You have an ad in Yellow Pages, plus ads in two other local publications, you have a website that you drive traffic to via Pay Per Click, you have a flyer and also cards that you distribute.

That’s 6 separate pieces of marketing:

1. Yellow Pages (OK maybe not, just an example)
2. Parish Mag
3. Local Paper
4. Website
5. Flyer
6. Cards

How do you know which one produces the most inquiries? Which ones to continue and which ones to dump?

You buy 6 separate phone numbers – all local numbers and allocate one phone number to each stream of marketing. Then I’ll know for sure, over time, exactly which bits of marketing are working best for me.

You don’t need 6 new telephones these all ring on the usual phone line, you just get to track results automatically… in the voice of a meerkat… Schimples.

Seriously, it works like a dream – and it’s one of the most under-used tools available to businesses in the UK. It costs just a few pounds to set up and next to nothing to run. Yet it puts you in control and lets you test and measure your marketing effectively.

Oh, and there’s are additional benefits too. this type of system will also tell you how many calls you failed to answer. Just imagine that! You’ve purchased an ad, a potential customer has seen it, called you up…but nobody picks up the phone.

You’ll know exactly how many calls you’re not answering, that could prove invaluable. Stop losing customers and find an answering service that will take your calls 24/7. Mine calls are all answered – and I only pay for that service when they take a call!

If you’d like more information about these types of services just call me on 0845 056 3911 – the call will always be answered by a real person any time of day or night… and I’ll know it was because of this article – go on test it out.