Business doesn’t have to be all that serious… not all the time, even when your dealing with serious issues such as sick children – why not make things fun… and maybe exciting too.

That was the thought of one hospital in London.
I just love the fact that Evelina Children’s Hospital at St Thomas’ Hospital, London, have made it a condition of their contract that the window cleaners have to wear super hero costumes such as Batman, Spiderman and Superman to cheer up the young patients. Brilliant!

Forget the pain inside, whilst the super heroes work on the Panes outside! A double whammy; keep the facade of the building clean and tidy whilst cheering up the young patients inside.

Did the hospital procurement team need to do this, no. They could have just tendered and bought on price. But, what a stoke of genius on their part – well done!

batman _img_0

If you had to have a bit of fun with your contract or sales agreement… what could it be? Something that would stand you apart from the crowd.

I have a friend involved in sales training. He does a lot of work in South Africa. He’s made it a condition of his contract that when clients over there book him, his trainings have to coincide with major sporting events, i.e. cricket, rugby, soccer …

It’s fun – and it’s non-negotiable. Do you think it sticks in the minds of the prospect?

I dare you to be different – don’t take business too seriously.

Please tell me in the comments below what are your top tips for success.