Like so many, I was excited and inspired by the 2012 Olympics – supreme elite athletes from every corner of the world, some from countries I’ll admit that I couldn’t even place on a map, pushing the boundaries and reaching new heights.

Goals set, some dreams realized some shattered and often underpinned with stories of hardship and toil.

Nobody had a medal handed to them, metaphorically speaking… on a plate.

Without exception – every athlete had a dream, a vision brought into focus with the help of coaches and mentors, supporters… encouragement, dedication, training, practice, practice and more practice.

Can you spot the similarities with successful entrepreneurs?

Business owners with vision and guts. Vision, coaching, all out massive action… that’s what will bring you home the gold in your business – irrespective of the economy or your competitors – If… you’ve got the  vision, the drive and determination of an Olympian and the right support team – the gold can be yours.

How about Tom Daley – who sadly lost his biggest supporter when his dad past away before seeing Tom’s epic performance from the 10 meter platform. He visualized the scene of wining a medal in the London Olympics at the tender age of 9 – he quite literally drew a picture of himself on the platform in union flag speedos with a medal round his neck! And years before any announcement of the games even coming to London. How’s that for goal setting!

…And what a nice guy into the bargain. Not a spoilt rotten, over paid footballer… What parent doesn’t want him to date their daughter? Straight A student with his A levels too…

Yet now I feel humbled… humbled beyond belief and ‘truly inspired’ – that’s how I feel watching the Paralympics.

Such courage in the face of adversity.

“I can’t”. “It hurts”… these phrases are just not in any of their vocabularies.

I watched in awe at the skill and accuracy of the blind football teams. The courage of the amputees as they rode their bicycles at break neck speeds. Wheel chair basket ball teams playing full on…

The power of the Aled Davies as he won his medals in discus and shot put. Lots more to come from him – as he said “Throwing stuff is an old mans sport – so he’s got plenty of time to improve”.

Ellie Simmonds MBEEllie Simmonds MBE – double Olympic gold medalist and world record holder – an amazing powerhouse and all round beautiful young lady.

‘I am going to London hoping to swim the best I can. I am excited but quite nervous as well – I think it’s good to have nerves, it drives you forward… I know it’s going to be stiff competition but it will be exciting.’

Don’t tell me you’re tired, don’t tell me you’ve got a head ache and business is getting you down.

Create your vision, set your goals. Get the right support around you that will help you in good times and tough times – and crack on!

Inspire a nation… that was the aim, unless you’ve been asleep for the last few weeks – I’d say hats off to them all – job done!