Sometimes in business and life generally – things get taken a bit too seriously for my liking.

halloween 1Approaching Halloween… I couldn’t resist making my bed up like this as I “checked out” of my hotel…

I didn’t hang around to ask “trick or treat”… I just hope it raised a smile. It kept a smile on my silly face all day long.

I’ve been looking at what some businesses do to try and raise a smile and grab the attention of their clients and prospects too.

Here are a few of my favorites.. what could you do if you dared to be different?

Dare to be different – and have some fun with your marketing.

How about this Pest Controller… not just a dull leaflet through the door like everyone else.

pest controller

Here’s a radio station with a sense of humour.

Free Air Guitar

Even the local hairdresser’s getting in on the act… and what did it cost?


I’d love to see what you’ve done. How creative have you been? What else have you seen that’s grabbed your attention?

None of this stuff has to cost fortunes – the beauty of these examples is that they cost no more than a regular leaflet or banner, but they get noticed, they stand out from the crowd – and I’ll take the bet – they get results too.

My question to you is… What could you be doing differently?