How many times have you thought this… or even said it out loud as a cry for help?

Recruiting staff in any business it can be a difficult task. But sales people… a different ball game altogether! Many business owners would consider it easier to get an audience with the Pope than be able to recruit sales people that can deliver results. Wouldn’t you agree?

dodgy-salesmanThere seems to be hundreds of people queuing up to apply for every position, the majority of whom have absolutely no experience in sales and no evidence to back-up their claims of super sales person status.

The task of recruitment is made doubly difficult when the role of the new employee is to sell – if they are good at their job then they will also be able to sell themselves! At least you’d hope so, right? Potential employers need to look out for the ‘pitch’ being used on them and ensure that their questioning is probing enough to uncover the person beneath the patter. Of course, you need a sales person who can sell your product or service, but you need to know exactly who you are employing and what they can bring to the party.

As all employers know, a wrong decision can be incredibly costly, not just financially but also in terms of the stress caused by dealing with the new employee and finding their replacement.

I’ve always believed in a policy of “hire slow… fire quick”. Yet I see companies trying to massage life into an otherwise dead sales person time and time again. Perhaps keeping someone in a post to blame for a lack lustre sales performance – just to save the owner from the sales responsibility themselves?

If your sales team aren’t fired with enthusiasm, fire them with enthusiasm! Take that whichever way you like…

Finding suitable candidates is just one element of the process. Getting them trained, bedded in and then firing on all cylinders as quickly as possible is the key.

Well, I think I may have found a solution if you’re looking to hire a great sales person or to build on your existing team.

AJJ Recruitment. A recruitment company that go the extra mile for their clients and candidates too. Together we’ve created a detailed process for recruiting, vetting, training and coaching candidates so they can hit the ground running as “Eureka Sales Approved”.

We have created a virtual “subs bench”. Imagine the scene, sales people trained and match fit, waiting for your call.

AJJ will take your brief and present you only with candidates they believe best fit your requirements. It doesn’t end there, we can work with you and the new member of your sales team with on-going coaching and mentoring to ensure he or she reaches and maintains peak performance in the shortest time frame possible.

Having a robust qualifying and training process together with a comprehensive on-boarding programme undoubtedly helps with employee performance and retention.

And… as you’d expect, all with a money back guarantee…

If you would like to work with an agency that has the Steve Clarke and Eureka Sales seal of approval, contact Heidi at AJJ Recruitment Ltd on 01480 811180

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