Gran Canaria

Greetings this week from Gran Canaria.

I’ve been booked to deliver two workshops and as the closing keynote motivational speaker at a large conference at this amazing 5 star resort… I know, it’s a tough life, but someone’s got to do it.

There’s a theme to the event and one that we should all take on board if we’re to succeed in challenging economic times – it affects all of our businesses – check this out.

The theme for the conference is “standing together”…

Most of us will be familiar with the acronym of TEAM. Together Everyone Achieve More.

Well it’s so true, particularly in challenging times.

This is not the time to go it alone, this is not the time to just put in more time, more blood sweat and tears. Now is the time to work smart. Now is the time to look around for people, groups, companies that you could form joint ventures or alliance with.

gran-canaria-2At short notice the event organizer called me to ask for help. He’d been let down and needed an opening speaker too.

I could have thought… hmmm easy money, I’m already booked, I’ll take that extra fee and top and tail the event, keep it all to myself.

Instead I thought how could I add even more value for the client? Who could I bring into the TEAM?

Within minutes I was on the phone to the president of the Professional Speaking Association. His work would dovetail nicely with my material. It could add great value to the event. He was available – Job done.

Together Everyone will Achieve More. He was responsible for connecting me to the organizer of the events I spoke at recently in the Middle East – what goes around comes around…

TEAM - there it isIt’s often said “there’s no I in team”… wrong, there is… and it’s you. Be a team player.

In a few weeks I’m part of another team, another joint venture.

One of my Platinum group members Gary White, works with a leading and proactive accountancy firm in Essex, CBHC.

They have decided to step up and help their clients and contacts. They’ve decided to put on a business networking event and I’ve been invited as their guest speaker. No charge to attend – they’re even providing a buffet. Click here for full details of this event.

I will be sharing hints tips and strategies to help people boost their sales – Who could you joint venture with for an event like this? It’s a great way to bring together 100 or so business owners or whoever your target market is – think about it – then it’s all about action!