Many of us use our smart phones to track our sporting activities, runs, walks, cycle rides etc. Well one guy just took things to another level.

I think this is fantastic – how’s this for a technology enabled proposal… with a difference.

According to a report in a national newspaper, a 28 year old romantic runner proposed to his girlfriend of two years by mapping out and tracking his running route via GPS on a phone app, then posting it online.

Ben, from Portsmouth, ran the hour-long route in preparation for the proposal to his girlfriend Olivia.

The proposal running route, which was actually 5.7 miles long, but took around nine miles to fully complete, spelled ‘Will you marry me’. The health care company manager says he carefully planned the route on Google Maps before setting out to complete the run.

Getting down on one knee would be easier – but I love the creativity. He must have had so much fun putting this together. I wonder how she replied?

How are you pushing technology to get the results you dream of?