I was in Sydney over Christmas and New Year. In the the Central Business District (the CBD as those in the know call it…), amidst the hectic Pre-Christmas rush and post Christmas sales – Buskers merrily plied their trade.

There were some stand out musicians that would put many Xfactor contestants to shame… “not difficult” I hear you say… fair point.

Even the best were busking for change – (some collecting quite a lot of it) as people stopped in the sunshine and soaked up the atmosphere. It seems that sunshine and Christmas spirit are able to liberate shoppers from their cash quite readily – particularly when some of the artists were so good.

Quite a few had CD’s for sale too. Mostly at $10 a time.

buskerI listened to this guy for ages, we was brilliant. He sold lots of CD’s too, all at $10 a time.

When he finished his set I went over and thanked him. I also made a polite suggestion…

Put up your prices and offer an up sell”.

(Yep, just can’t contain those sales mentoring instincts!)

You’re worth it” I said, and I meant it.

He laughed at first, then said – “OK, what have I got to lose”?

He scribbled a fresh sign – $20 each or 2 for $30…

I went about my shopping – he went back to his guitar and pleasing the crowds.

When I stopped by an hour later – he was one happy busker – He had more than doubled his takings from the previous set.

He suggested he should buy me a beer – I wasn’t about to take his hard earned and well deserved earnings – I wished him a Happy New Year and walked on.

Are you charging what you’re worth?

I guarantee most of you could put your prices up! He laughed at first too…