Do you know who is saying what about you… and can you control that?

“Modern technology is totally out of control” says Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge, (is it just me that loves the fact that our highest ranking Judge in the UK is really called… Lord Judge).

Lord Judge was of course commenting on the uproar over super-injunctions, which have recently been brought into the spotlight by a stream of footballers and celebrities who, it seems, have been very busy sleeping with people they aren’t married to and would rather we didn’t know about their successes when playing away from home… so to speak.

Frankly, I think most of us are rather tired with who can and who can’t afford to pay up to cover their indiscretions… is it any of our business how sports stars or celebrities conduct their lives when out of the spotlight anyway? Although probably not a topic for discussion and debate here and now.

It did however remind me of just how powerful the media, the internet and social media can be for all of us in business today – and how this power can be amplified in either a positive or negative fashion.

Without any doubt at all – much of this is in fact within your control.

We must never forget; we are living in the information age where our competitors are only mouse click away from our prospects at all times. And your prospects are one click away from information about you – make it good stuff they find – and often.

Are you really aware of exactly how your business is being portrayed by your clients? What’s being said about you and where is it being said?

What is your strategy to monitor what people are saying about you, your company, your products, service and industry?

What are you doing to ensure your brand and your reputation are portrayed in a positive light and that you get spotted in all the right places… not stumbling out of the wrong nightclub at 4.30am in the wrong company – metaphorically speaking of course.

You can purchase ads in the paper, magazines, TV and radio – and in the main you have the input which controls the output. This is good.

But do you also know how to use services like Google Alerts? These are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic. A great way to catch breaking news on topics that are relevant to you… or even about you!

Do you monitor and tune in to relevant conversations on Twitter using #hash tags? Or do you not know how?

Do you subscribe to industry specific RSS feeds, or again… is this something you need some help to understand?

So my question today is… are you on a self imposed super-injunction without meaning to be? Many businesses are. Don’t be one of them.

Be proactive in feeding good information out about your products or services… Not just shouting your sales message via sales literature, but good information that demonstrates your value to would-be clients? How often do you write a good, relevant blog and where do you send it?