What can we learn from the african Boma? If this was a pub quiz question… would you even know what a boma is?

A “boma” is the name given to an enclosure built principally from sticks to protect an african tribes livestock from predators. Quite literally a ‘ring fence’ to protect the things that are most valuable to them from outside dangers.

As I stood within the relative safety of our camps boma, (not so safe in fact as you’ll see from the video), waiting for our ranger to take us back out for our evening safari adventure I got to thinking… how do we “ring fence” our customers today?

I remember times when businesses used to tie clients into lengthy contracts and felt they were safe as they had ink on paper, signed contracts.

They would even include onerous break clauses which would inflict the client with financial penalties and inconvenience should they wish to change suppliers in the hope they’d remain loyal.

As I’m writing this – it sounds crazy and hard to believe, but I promise you it used to be so. Not any more. The world has changed.

The only way you can truly ‘ring fence’ your clients today is to build strong, long lasting relationships and mutual trust. Consider their needs before your own and deliver consistent, outstanding customer service.

When you have a strong relationship you could dismantle your boma and your clients would not stray. Take down your boma and the predators would not be able to get to your precious livestock.

When we returned to our camp after dark our boma looked safe, warm and welcoming too. Camp fires lit, we enjoyed an incredible barbecue in safety under the glorious night skies – happy to be home.

That’s how you want your clients feeling too. They’re home, they’re safe and well looked after – that way you’ll ring fence your clients from the competition.

Build your boma.