At some point in time you were a baby – right?

When you were that cute little baby and you’d discovered the big wide world outside of your cot, the chances are, like most babies, you made your way around the world on your hands and knees crawling everywhere.

You soon noticed that the big people all around you were walking upright and so one day you got it into your head to give it a try too.

So, little by little, very slowly you began to work on developing the strength and balance skills you needed to walk.

baby stepsYou grabbed on to something above you and pulled yourself up. Eventually you stood up, holding on to a table or chair nearby.

It didn’t feel natural.

All wobbly and unsure of yourself, you let go, fell down. But you didn’t give up. You tried again and again, until eventually you stood up all by yourself…

Then, unaided, you actually took your first step… and crashed again. After countless days of side-stepping around the coffee table, awkwardly bringing one tiny foot out from behind the other while you held on to a parent’s fingers, you eventually took your first couple of steps… all alone… unaided.

It’s no coincidence when I’m coaching and mentoring business owners and helping them master new strategies to boost their sales – I refer to the “baby steps” required. The slight edge principle of improvement and continual action in pursuit of their goals.

Slight edge improvements – small incremental changes can make a huge and significant impact on results.

Often as adults – we focus too much on the problem ahead of us and not on the baby steps, the slight improvements we can make in the direction of our goals. These “slight edge improvements” as I know them are what we should focus on.

Just think about it – in the early process of learning to walk… you probably spent more time falling on your backside than you did succeeding and walking.

But did you quit? Did you ever tell yourself,

“I’m not cut out for all this walking nonsense, I think I’m just going to crawl everywhere for the rest of my life?”

No, of course you didn’t. So why do so many people do that in business today? How many people don’t follow up effectively figuring the sale isn’t going to happen? How many people feel they won’t get the business because competition is so fierce?

What’s different today? When did you lose the ability to set a goal, go for it, and get it? And in baby steps… Not caring if we take a few knocks.

How come you don’t do what you did when you were one or two years old? The answer is quite simple:

Somewhere along the way you became unwilling to take baby steps and to dust yourself off after a fall and try again and again.

Too often people are seeking massive breakthroughs… quantum leaps…instant this, instant that…

You may have unintentionally installed a habit of settling for “less”, just because “more” was seemingly so far out of your reach.

Ask any athlete what makes them a winner. Yes – training, goals, mental and physical fitness… but what makes them a winner?

It’s the slight edge principle – a slight edge over their competitors. Often just 1/1000th of a second – how’s that for a slight edge?

What slight edge do you have in your game over your competitors?

Set your goal, look for baby steps, don’t give up…

Remember… as I explain through my business coaching and mentoring:

Tools + Tactics – Strategy = Chaos and Overwhelm!

Attitude + Strategy + Regular Repeat Action = Results.

Practice the slight edge principle – It’s easy to do… and it’s easy not to do, it’s a choice, but that’s what really separates the winners from the rest.

In my Platinum Mastermind group for example, I have Howard. He runs LEGO® parties for kids, after school parties, summer camps and private parties.

baby stepsOK, maybe you’re thinking… “what”? Or maybe you’re thinking… “sounds fun” or maybe even… “call that a business”.

Howard uses LEGO® to educate and stimulate children’s thinking. He actually teaches robotics with LEGO® and is on a mission to create some great engineers for Great Britain.

He has some very lofty goals. Goals many would see as unachievable or impossible. But by breaking these down into baby steps… every day Howard is moving closer to his goal.

After one meeting with Howard, he changed certain things on his website, small changes at first… and there’s still lots to do…  but this one task alone netted him £2,997 worth of business in one month alone.

Howard just informed me that through the changes he’s been making and the fresh focus he now has, sales for the last 100 days are up by 150% from the same period last year.

Sorry… What double dip recession is that? (shhh, don’t tell Howard).