Just as in any business you might find yourself slugging it out against competitors to make a sale, in a busy, crowded job market you’re often fighting it out with a lot of competition for that all important position.

What do you do in your business to stand you out from the crowd?

What could you do to be different – if only you dared to. And… if you dared – what kind of results could you get?

I love this example of daring to be different and standing out from the crowd – Brilliant. Just watch these short videos and think – what could you do differently.

…and then back came the reply…


Your marketing needs to stand you out from the crowd. You can’t just keep doing the same old thing and hope for better results. For things to change – you need to make the changes. What will you do with your sales and marketing efforts that sets you apart from anyone else?

Come on… I dare you.

Steve Clarke – Chief Sales Booster – Eureka Sales