Here’s to the £30m rubber duck!

What can you possibly gain from swimming in the sea of sameness, just doing the same as everyone else. If your aim is keep below the radar and shoot for mediocrity – then maybe I get it.

However, I doubt that’s what most people in business want, I doubt very much that it’s what you want either, would I be right?

When you’re offering much the same as all your competitors, all you can compete on is price and that’s never a good thing from a profit perspective nor is it a healthy place to be for your sanity.

To succeed in business today it’s vital to stand out from the crowd… (for the right reasons).

I dare you to be different. Think and act differently to others in your field, come on, I dare you.

Let me tell you about my amazing £30,000,000 rubber ducks! Yes – £30 million.

“Champagne results… on a beer budget” – that’s what I like my sales and marketing strategies to deliver.

Low cost, high impact results by thinking out of the box and daring to be different.

I went from cynic to convert in terms of branded promotional goods… and all it took… was a rubber bath duck – and some creative thinking!

My last business was a claims handling operation. We worked with insurance companies who outsourced their IT related claims to us to handle.

Claims for computers could be complicated. The claims handlers at the various insurance companies were often out of their depth with technicalities and to be frank – prior to our intervention, they were often over paying on claims unnecessarily and at the same time not really helping the claimant either.

When I explained our service proposition to one claims manager he said, “fantastic we get to serve our customers better and”… wait for it… “duck out of IT claims problems”.

Ping! The light bulb went on. I had a Eureka moment. I set about ordering thousands of large rubber ducks. We had them printed with “duck out of IT claims problems, call 0800 etc…”

We then shipped them in bright purple boxes marked “fondle with care” (do you think that got them opened? You bet.

The brand recognition was incredible. Entire claims offices were a mass of yellow ducks. Otherwise straight-laced insurance companies loved them, it was fun, different and memorable. One company started fancy dress duck competitions, really! The entire industry very quickly knew who would help them – “duck out of IT claims problems”.

This stood us apart from our competitors and was instrumental in our explosive growth. £6m became £12M and very quickly we grew to £30m in annual sales! Highly effective marketing and brand awareness you can take it the bank.

Come on – I dare you to be different.

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