How about a little “disruptive marketing’ as my friend Warren Cass calls it.

Come on – I dare you to be different; a challenge I’m always giving my clients and sales mentoring groups.

It worked a treat for American giant Kmart – they’ve taken an offering that is not unusual – and given it a spin. If what you want isn’t in store – they’ll ship it to you – nothing too new there – but the genius is how they’ve given that a humorous risky edge…

Isn’t it time you stopped just conforming, doing the same old things the same old way, the same as all the rest, the same as you’re competitors – (who probably aren’t making enough sales either by the way)…

Here are three of my favourite videos for breaking people’s patterns and grabbing attention… disruptive marketing.

What could you differently – if only you dared. What could grab peoples attention and maybe even raise a smile at the same time – they are key ingredients that will engage your audience. Watch these and tell me if I’m wrong.

Then ask yourself – how could I apply something like this to what I do?

Ship My Pants

iPad v Paper

Dollar Shave Club

Over 28 million views between them and counting! Go on – Dare to be different on video.