As I was out today on my early morning run getting my blood pumping, getting ready for the day ahead.  I encountered a number of trucks, cars, vans and four people on foot who were out for their early morning walk.

Two of the people smiled and said good morning.

Another one said to me;

“That looks like hard work

The other said;

“That looks too much like work

Well they were both quite right… it’s not easy getting out there early on a foggy morning.   To be honest, it would have been easy to roll over this morning and have an extra half hour in bed.

And do you know what?  This is just the same in business.

Some people think it looks like hard work, some people think is just too much work

So out of the four people I saw this morning,  50% were of the opinion that what I was doing was hard work or too much like work…

Just imagine if those same odds exist in your business world.  At least 50% of your competitors aren’t prepared to get out there and get at it, because it looks too much like work or too much like hard work.  Brilliant – this works in your favour.  You can beat the lazy sods by just being in the game!

All of us have voices in our heads.  We have the inner critic and we have the inner coach.  One will cheer you on, the other will often hold you back.  Listen to your coach… not your critic.

If you need help… get a real coach to help keep you focused.  Every athlete has a coach… why not in business?

Get on it, get focused and get at it… good luck.