Here’s your 7 day challenge…

Why do some people succeed where others fail? Its a big question, but I firmly believe there aren’t in fact too many answers.

All the successful people I know have made a decision to create the life and the business they want. The rest, many of them great people, so don’t get me wrong… take what comes their way, they go with the flow, they accept that things just happen to them.

But here’s what I see. The doers, the achievers, the people I see having extraordinary success in their lives and their businesses – take control. They’re in the driver’s seat, they have the steering wheel firmly in hand, they take control, responsibility and they take action!

What of the others? They take the role of the “victim”. There are always reasons why things don’t come their way, why they don’t get the orders, why the cash flows… (but always the wrong way).

Here are three things I’ve observed from people that say they want to succeed in business and in life, but often… why they fail to meet their goals.

  1. Blame. They will always find someone or something to blame on the lack of sales, lack of profits or lack of success. They’ll blame the government, the economy, their competitors, anyone but themselves.
  2. Justify. They will usually attempt to justify that things are ok. They’ll say things like… “well, it’s not all about the money, it’s not that important”. Take that attitude and it wont be with you for long if ever at all. Imagine saying the same about your husband or wife, they’ll not be around for long either!
  3. Complain. Complainers attract crap like a magnet! Sorry, but it’s true. It’s proven time and time again that you attract what you focus on. Complain and moan about everything and things will only get worse.

I was at a conference recently where a fascinating speaker, T Harv Eker, issued the audience a challenge. It’s a challenge I decided to put to the test. I’d like to offer you the same challenge right here, right now.

For the next seven days – no complaining. Will you take the challenge? I think you’ll be blown away with the changes it can deliver. Go on – I dare you…

Let’s face it were creatures of habit, right? Yet we’re not born with the habits, we learn them. Monkey see, monkey… do. We’ve all heard that too, well we’re not so far removed from the monkey are we? We learn our responses to circumstances and situations, so it figures we can learn different patterns too and not just take what comes out way.

Just like robots, we get programmed a particular way, with certain patterns and behaviours. You can paint the robot so it looks great, looks new, but the programming is just the same and so the results will be too.

What stops people from achieving the level of success of others and changing their programming, their believes and behaviours to reach new heights? Fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of uncertainty.

So are successful people fearless? No, not at all. But they take action in spite of fear!

Nike took three words to get their message across, I will say it in just two – DO IT.

We are controlled by our thoughts which produce feelings, our feelings translate into action and the action we take delivers results. Simple.

If your thoughts of business growth or success fill you with fear and dread, feelings of potential failure or uncertainty and doubt, how powerful do you suppose the actions you take will be? Feel the fear and do it anyway, (the title of a great book by Susan Jeffers).

You don’t need to look at the results you’re getting now as the best results you can achieve. Instead, consider your results as the fruit on a tree. You can’t change the fruit once it’s there, that’s too late.

If you want to see change, if you want different results look to the roots, that’s where you need to make changes. That’s why we call it the root cause. Cause and… effect. Change the roots you can change the effect, the fruits and the results.

What are you going to focus on and think about? Good stuff or bad, problems or solutions? What you focus on is what you’ll feel. How you feel will determine the action you’ll take and the results you’ll get – the fruit on your tree.

Once you take decisive action in pursuit of your goals, the fear melts away and confidence grows.

Now stop complaining… let’s see the results you want and deserve.