When did you last buy a car? Consider for a moment the process you went through and and your decision making criteria along the way. What helped you, what hindered you, what was your motivation as you went through the process?

Whether you sell a service, a product or both – regardless if it’s to consumer or trade – there are many similarities between your business and a car sales showroom.

Sorry, I’m quite sure you don’t see your business in the same vein as a car sales operation – almost certainly not a grungy little one underneath the arches…

It’s OK – there’s good news – you get to choose – are you selling Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Fiat, Skoda, KIA… or second hand clunker under the railway arches.

What is the experience you deliver when your prospects engage with you? Where do you think you sit on the spectrum of Rolls Royce to clunker?

Now here’s a question; how would your clients answer that for you? How do you think they view you as a company, your products and services and why?

What does your brand stand for? I don’t mean what does your logo, company colours or web site look like. I mean does every action and interaction you have with clients, prospects, suppliers and staff reflect the brand values you want to be known for?

How clean do you think the showroom floor is at a Rolls Royce dealership? How are their staff dressed in the showroom, the office and the workshop? How do they treat you? How pristine are their products, their brochures… how clean are their toilets and their kitchen.

So let’s come back to the idea of a test drive. All car dealers will offer a test drive – a try before you buy. Why? All number of reasons. You may be landscape architect, garden designer or a fencing supplier, but do you or could you offer a test drive too? A way to sample whats on offer and to connect with your prospects?

For sure the petrol heads will want to know technical ins and outs. They want to know about torque and gear ratios and all that under the bonnet stuff – you may have some of them in your world too.

But the primary reason – it’s to get you emotional attached to the product – they help you create a want. At least they do at one end of the scale – the higher end dealers want to invite you to experience being part of their brand. The other end its about haggling on a price and everyman for themselves. So… where are you?

Consider what does your range of products and services consist of?

  • Test drive and a way of sampling what you are about?
  • Entry level product or service? 
  • Your Core products – your best sellers that sum up what you’re about – an area you are the leader in?
  • Then your premium products and services – your top of the line?
  • Premium plus – that’s right – top and exclusive. Around 20% of your customers would pay 20% more for your highest end product – chances are – you haven’t got it yet.