It’s all in the “Golden Grid”… let me explain…

One of the repeat questions I’m asked at conferences and events is how can we increase business with existing clients?

It’s widely understood and accepted that it’s easier and less expensive to sell to existing clients than to continually try to find new ones. Agreed? OK.

One thing that should keep you awake at night is the thought of meeting with a client you’ve been working with for some time and hear the words;

“I didn’t know you did that”

That little sentence should send shivers down your spine.


You supplied them with some IT system upgrades last year and had stopped by to check everything was OK. To see if there was anything else you could help them with.

You arrive at their offices and discover to your horror they have just had a new telephone system installed!

You sell phone systems! You think, what? Why didn’t they call me? And then it happens, you hear the words… the words you should fear;

“I didn’t know you did that”

It’s incumbent upon you to ensure every client fully understand every single way you could be of help to them and people they know. It’s not down to your clients to find out what you sell.

Here’s where my “Golden Grid” come in. In keeping with #SalesMadeSimple it’s a simple yet incredibly powerful tool to help you discover where all the secret gold is hidden in your existing customer base.

Here’s a link to a short video to show you exactly how it works…