Where are you heading?

Nowadays – most of us wouldn’t dream of leaving home and heading off to drive to a meeting without first looking up our destination on the computer, punching it into our phone or Sat Nav. Agreed?

(Shhhh… Keep it to yourself if you’ve ever got in the car and just driven – hoping to reach a place you’ve never been to before…)

We need to know where we’re heading, what does the traffic and maybe weather look like along the way.

Perhaps consider alternative routes we could take or places we may want to stop along the way. We’d decide how long it should take and plan accordingly.

We’d check we’ve got fuel and keep an eye on our speed – or should…

So there’s a plan – and a dashboard to give us feedback and vital information.

Think about the similarities with this scenario – and your business.

Do you have a clear plan on where you’re going and when you expect to get there?

Who’s in the car with you? Are they back seat drivers… or is their input actually valuable?

The wrong people in the wrong seats in your business will restrict your growth – could even be killing your business.

What valuable information is being fed to you via your dashboard?

I’m not referring to your P&L or last months sales results – that’s your rear view mirror. You can’t get to your destination looking in the mirror.

What does the road ahead look like for you and your business?

It’s just around the corner – don’t let it take you by surprise – contact me, let me help you install a simple, inexpensive, yet highly effective Sat Nav in your business…

The Eureka… Business Operating System.

Call me or drop me an email – let’s get set for the road ahead.

No more fingers crossed and guess work. No more sleepless nights worrying about where business is coming from – or needing staff and having to hire “the best of the bad bunch”… it doesn’t have to be that way – let’s talk.