Are you standing out from the crowd for the right reasons? Are you visible and attractive? Admittedly it’s easier for some of you than others!

Over the last few years I’ve spoken at various business events all over the world… Some people that I encountered certainly stood out from the crowd more than others.

The challenge is the same for practically every entrepreneur and business owner I meet right now… What can you do to find more clients, make more sales and more profit? Right?

Yet I’m blown away buy the number of people that still insist on doing things the same old way they’ve always done things and just hope for better results. And others that feel driven to just follow the herd and hope for sales to roll in.

Wake up folks – that’s never going to happen. Not in this economy.

Would you watch a sad movie over and over again, hoping that this time it’ll be a happy ending? I doubt it very much, at least I hope not, it’s never going to happen.

So why keep repeating a pattern in business that’s not working for you. For things to change perhaps you need to change. In case you haven’t noticed the world has changed, and we’re not going back.

How many companies do you know that are “up-sizing”? Or like me, do you see more “down-sizing” going on? I like to call it “right-sizing”. There’s been too much fat in too many businesses for too long. Now thanks to technology it’s possible to become more efficient and automate many elements of your business – reduce costs, improve efficiencies… if you move with the times.

How about banks… are they lending more money or less money to the entrepreneur and small business owner today? …(Yes I know of a few enterprise schemes, but please, no hate mail from bankers, you’re doing the best with what you’ve got I’m sure, but times have changed).

The old world business model is flawed. In order to succeed in business today you need to consider a new world business model and for those that are willing to learn and adapt… times are good.

Here’s one universal truth I’ve always tried to apply when looking for ways to succeed in business and in sales. “Follow the leaders, don’t follow the followers”.

Find who’s getting the results you want and latch on to them. Don’t just follow the herd.

I had to laugh out loud each time I went to the mens toilets at the Business Startup show in Earls Court a couple of years ago… no, stop it, I’m serious!

First visit of the day and the facilities were nice and clean and tidy.

Mid morning and someone had decided that this was a great place to advertise their web design services. They’d spread their cards around the sinks and on shelves above the urinals.

Within no time at all – the desperate herd mentality kicked in. Everyone else who was struggling for leads saw this as a free opportunity to “advertise”… really? In the mens toilets… do me a favour.

What does this say about your products and services – think about it? OK if you’re selling cleaning products or sanitary wear… maybe. But legal services, book keeping, web design and printers – all scattering their cards and flyers (which they paid good money for) around the mens room almost begging for business. It would have been even funnier if it wasn’t sad.

To rise above the crowd and win more business you need to become “visible and attractive”. There are so many ways to do this… but for most of us – littering the public toilets just isn’t it.

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