The budget this week made it very clear what we’re facing. Lets leave aside politics and not get bogged down with that can of worms. The cuts in spending and increases in taxes were necessary because the country is in deep economic trouble, that’s not in question. We have debt spiraling out of control in a nation continually being battered by the effects of the worst recession since we’ve seen since the Great Depression.

Forget about what they call ‘green shoots’ of recovery and the various definitions of whether or not we are not still in recession. The fact is, we’re in an economy where your customers are about to have a significant increase in the cost of living through the VAT increase combined with significant increases in taxes.

Many analysts predict that the year ahead for “most” business owners will be worse than the last one, (the operative word here is ‘most.’) For many it’s going to be a case of grim survival. Sorry – it’s not like me to talk of doom and gloom.

Not wishing to appear flippant, but I couldn’t care less about the budget; It is what it is. My hope is that across the board these fairly drastic measures will help stabilize and in turn boost our economy, but that’s a very big picture and to be honest, it’s way out of my league to really comprehend.

However, irrespective of the state of the economy – I continue to help business Thrive – not just survive. I help small business owners and entrepreneurs create highly effective and powerful marketing strategies at next to no cost at all so they get to decide how many customers they have, and despite the economy… they continue to grow.

You may well have a passion for your products or services, I would hope and expect you do. But like so many business owners do you struggle with sales and marketing? Do you know how to attract new clients to your business at will? Do you know exactly how to “ring fence” the ones that you have?

At a breakfast network meeting I attended this week, I listened to a bank manager talk about how businesses he works with are surviving through these tough times. He described how they’re cutting costs on postage, saving electricity and even ditching the water cooler in order to reduce costs and save every penny.

I mean no disrespect to the man, but listening to this made my toes curl!

Now is not the time to batten down the hatches and hope you weather the storm. Adopt that strategy and you’ll very likely sink. Of course you must watch every penny and have an eagle eye on cash flow, that’s a given, and maybe you need help ion that area.

Now is the time to step up to the mark and discover exactly how implementing numerous simple yet effective marketing strategies will have clients asking if they can buy your products or services – how refreshing would that be?

You need to adopt a “can do” attitude and an open mind. What can you learn from other people that are being successful irrespective of the economy, the competition or even if some people are buying less these days.

Who are your business Mentors to help you through tough times? What are you doing to boost sales?

It’s your attitude… that will determine your altitude