It’s tough out there to find work for many people, no doubt. But what good does bitching and moaning about it do?

I love this man… Adam Pacitti. Having applied for over 250 jobs with no luck, he didn’t roll over and play dead – he took massive action.

He didn’t attend my last sales and marketing course; “Life’s a Pitch… and then you buy”™… where he would have discovered how to stand out from the crowd, how to get peoples attention and get the results you want.

I wish I could claim some of the glory here – but it’s all his own doing. Well done Adam!

adamThe unemployed graduate spent his last £500 on billboard practically begging for a job. He then directed would-be employers to his website – simple as that.

He received more than 100 job offers and his advert went viral.

His campaign paid off too. He landed a job with a top media firm in London.

adam-2Delighted with his new employed status what did Mr Pacitti splash out on with his first pay packet… another huge billboard in Shoreditch, London… this time just to say thanks…

Come on – whatever your business or whatever you want in a job – get of your backside, stop complaining and do something about it.

Check out his video too – brilliant work Adam.